Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The Sound of Music

I heard all the fuss about iPods. at one time, Hardy even asked me whether i would like to have one. i said no (give me a pair of scissors, a stack of coloured papers, a roll of ribbon and a bag full of buttons i'd jump and say yes, but not an iPod!). i then asked him, if he would like one. and he said, nope.

Half a year ago, Hardy attended a convention. he came back with an iPod nano. he had won a lucky draw. we were thrilled to have this really cool thing, its so SO light, groovy and so cool. it became hardy's new toy for about 3 days. he had downloaded some songs and happily brought it here and there. it then died off, no, not the Ipod, but the thrill. i didnt even have a go at it!
We then dont know what to do with it anymore. its just this thing, and this thing just sits on the table, next to our laptop. we didnt even pick it up! it just sits there!

We no longer watch MTV. we will tuned to Bliss on Sky. Bliss is actually a music television channel playing classic hits, pop songs from the 70s, 80s and early 90s. and we happily humm or sing to almost all the songs played!

Are we getting old? how come iPods are not attractive to us. i know some people who'd love to have a nano, saving up to get one. but here we are, we dont know what to do with it!

Well anyway, just to share with you, what i'm currently listening. Apart from listening a lot of dutch songs on dutch radio (i love Marco Borsato by the way), i'm currently into Leona Lewis, last year's winner of british show X Factor (brits version of american idol). her album's definitely worth the wait after a year winning the show.
I'm a big big fan. i believe she's going to be the next big thing. just hear her, look at her and listen to her singing live. she sang our favourite song - the first time ever i saw your face, originally by Robetta Flack beautifully, and the best remake, even better than Celine's version.
My favourite Leona's songs, apart from robetta's: I will be, Better In Time and Bleeding Love.
Love it!

Monday, 26 November 2007

2 Years & Counting

It was a beautiful day my old house No.21 Jalan Emas, JB. a simple union witnessed by only the closest family members and friends. Although 2 very important people couldnt attend our nikah, but the phone was close to me, and at one point, in my hand, and she listened to us from the beginning of the ceremony (i love you kakak & redza).

We had to bring forward our nikah as Hardy's current company had invited us over for a familiarization week in Holland. we flew to Holland the next morning for our "paid honeymoon". the journey started from then on. a journey full, full of exciting challanges.

We spent our 1st wedding anniversary at the hospital, the emergency room. Aidan had severe eczema. with Aidan now fully recovered and all are well, we hope to spend this year's differently.

2 years today. 2 beautiful, wonderful years. i couldnt ask for more.

Here's to Hardy...

How do i begin to tell you how lucky i am to have you in my life,
I'll start by saying what an honour it is to me to be your wife.
You're my best friend in good times,
and my rock in times of sorrow.
You're the reason for lovely yesterdays,
and my promise for tomorrow.
I never thought I could feel this loved until I became your wife.
You made last year and this year the best years of my life.
May all the coming years be as happy and all cherry. today, tomorrow, and every day after, wishing us more love and laughter.
To my dearest husband, my rock, my socks, my sun and my fun..
Happy 2nd Anniversary. With all my love.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Secret Millionaire

No... i'm not one of them. although i wish i am.

This is a TV programme. a programme that will touch everyone's hearts. this is a programme that is so inspiring and all will be humbled by.

For ten days the millionaires leave their welthy lifestyle behind and go undercover to live in some of the UK's toughest areas. they'd live in a council home with only necessities. much much lesser than what they're used to. they conceal true identities of themselves in search for those people that they think deserve their help. they would only reveal their secret and offer them their help on the last day.

They talk to real life people with real problems, they get their hands dirty in doing some of the roughest and toughest jobs - cleaning toilets, hard labour etc. couple of weeks ago, one parted with their money amounting up to half a million. what humbled me most was they themselves was so overwhelmed by the whole experience. some went back to their roots. they themselves realise that they can live without having expensive wallpaper on their walls, they can live without having 10 cars in their garages, they can live without having a 40inch plasma tv and realised how lucky their children are, privillaged to have such luxury.

Tonight, they featured a 27 year old millionaire. i'm not kidding you. he's so young he looks like he just finished high school! he volunteered as a youth worker at Hackney, London. like other millionaires in this series, he too gave quite a substantial amount of money this week. read about Ben Way here and here.

Been watching the programme since last season. each episode never fail to make me cry. this show contains real tenderness, and real joy, or perhaps i'm such a softie and a real sucker for such 'reality tv'. some might argue that this is just one of the ways that the millionaires are paying off their debts to society, another way they're 'marketing' themselves, but i sincerely do feel that they are genuine people. genuine in helping and giving. and everytime i watch the show, i feel guilty having more than them, the less fortunate. i feel there's more that i can do to help them, the less fortunate. i feel that what i have now is more than enough. i feel that i shoud go out and do charity work.

I feel blessed.

How thankful we are today to have what we have and to be where we're at. we will give what we can and we will try to live our life modestly and unselfishly (although sometimes it can be quite tough with the boxing day sale coming, etc) but we shall try our darnest best. but nonetheless, we're always, always thankful and grateful.

New season of The Secret Millionaire on Channel4 (UK tv) every Wednesday at 9pm GMT.


Sunday, 18 November 2007

Babies, Bumbo, Bouncer

I absoultely love these rubber bumbo seats. i think they're brilliant! unfortunately for me was, i only discoverd this when Aidan was 5 months old. and yes, at 5 months, Aidan could bearly fit into the seat. i actually had to push him down in order for his chubby little butt to touch to the base of the seat. and so we returned it to Mothercare and bought him the hanging bouncer instead (another brilliant, excellent invention!)

(pictures Aidan 5 months old)

Last weekend when we were in the UK, my dear cousin and her beautiful baby Aiesha, together with Aiesha's nana, Mak Wan drove all the way from Watford to see us at Fifi's house.

It was great to see them again, lovely to see the babies in their bumbos! we'll bring you guys some hagelslag next month ok?

Aiesha: eh, Ferran, are you ok? are you ok?

Ferran: who says this seats are comfy?!?!?!

Aiesha: push your butt further down...

Aiesha: there you go... better?

Ferran: er, well.. yea... sorta.. but lemme adjust me neck..

Ferran: i'm ok! i'm ok! much better now!

Aiesha: hurray!! ok, lets pose for the cameras now!

Ferran: your mommy made you wear that colour? and you have matching shoes?! how come i dont have that colour in my wardrobe eh?

Aiesha: boys wear blue la Ferran... girls wear pink. err.. are you sure you're comfortable Ferran?

Fi, looks like Ferran will grow out of that seat in no time!!!

By the way, what do you guys think of the Bumbo seat?


Thursday, 15 November 2007

Romantic Hearts

Hardy swept me off my feet since day one. and he still makes me all warm, mushy and fuzzy till today (and i hope it stays for the rest of our lives!) . He leaves a note everytime he goes on his business trips, by the bedside, underneath the duvet. he planned a treassure hunt and hid all gifts for me to scout on my birthday, and not to mention few others, which i will keep them private. but the most romantic moment that i will always always remember and treassure was the day he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. it was just so special (regardless where the event took place! haha). it was the way he said it, the words he choose, the timing, the situation we were in and the tone of his sincerity.

Another romantic one in my family is dad. both my parents love gardening, loves plants. he once bought 25 species of roses for mum on their 25th wedding anniversary. flowers for her birthday, without fail, even during hard financial times, he peels off kuaci for mum, he peels off pistachios for her, spoons the food to her plate, opens the car door and closes it for her, and (dont tell anyone this), he once wrote mum a very very long letter during their long 5 year courtship.

Our husbands are total romantics! and arent we lucky! romance keeps relationships alive, romance makes it more interesting, romance makes it work, romance keeps the love going, romance will make you feel young, romance makes us feel loved, cared and remembered. romance will fill your heart with love.

We all need a little bit of romance now and then. and everyone will benefit out of it too i'm sure. if you need help in that department, you certainly can get help from mills and boons! they have the best range of Romance Novels , with compelling love stories that will capture you and your hearts, engaging characters, all made alive. from modern to historical, and not to mention medieval, where romance are lived and love guaranteed!

What are your romantic experiences?

I should stock up more books to warm me up this winter! perhaps you should too!


Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Visiting Volvo

Aidan's been to Volvo (where his Tante Fi and Om Redza works) almost everytime when we were in the UK. the people there were just so friendly. we love our Volvo friends! No prize guessing where we went last week - yes, to the UK.

Aidan laughing at the clowns!

Aidan's first truck! a Volvo!

"Visiting Volvo was sure tiring... i wonder if working there is even more tiring!?"

(To our dearest blog friend, Rita, this one's for you! Aidan at Volvo! Here's wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. sending you all our love)

Have you ever..

Have you ever thought of using this 'space' to send a message across to certain people? have you ever thought of writing your hearts out in this blogsphere to explain the whole story? have you ever thought of telling everyone your side of the story? have you ever thought of pouring everything out in here to what had actually happened? have you ever felt like telling everyone in your 'blog world' that you're not 'that sort of person', or "no, that's not what actually happened"..

I certainly have.

Everyone's gone through bits. people talk. and most of the time they talk bad, or wrongly about some things. some have the wrong impression beacuse they only want to see and believe their side of it. sometimes only one or two cards were laid on the table and the rest they keep in their pockets....

Sometimes i feel like writing and wanting everyone to know what had actually happened, but when my true true inner voice surface, and when my ever so super positive husband's voice gets the better of me, i tend to say this "its not worth it, they're not worth it". it took me a day or two to finally say it though (somtimes longer). i have got to stop analyzing and asking all the whys!

As i was often taught by my parents, and now reminded by my dear husband Hardy - fikir baik, always think of the good in people.

And who am i trying to prove to anyway? it is Him, He can see everything, and listens to everyone. it is Him that is fair and it is Him that you'll answer to later. it is Him that judge us, it is Him who knows what's in our hearts. it is Him that you turn to, it is Him that we seek all the guidance. He knows everything, absolutely everything.

Like Oprah often suggests, write a journal. by this i'm sure she didnt mean an online journal! perhaps i should make my own personal journal on my next craft project! ;)

Happy things! happy thoughts people! always assume the good in people, no matter what they did/do/doing to you (try la eh, i'm doing it now, so can you! if they continue, let them be, just ignore and brush them aside/out of your life. its you who determines your own happiness!!)...

(p.s: che' Hardy, mulia betul la hang ni!!)


Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Last couple of years when we were building our house, we needed to find all sorts of things and furnishings. the place that we often go to is called Woonboulevard, in Heerlen. its like a centre where there's more than 30 huge stores for one to shop for one's woon (living). there's DIY centres, kitchen centres, bath and bed centres, lightings, floorings.. you name it! imagine you're building your house from scratch, and you have to find all sorts of things to make it a home. thus my point - we go there quite A LOT!
We've been passing this road (see picture), everytime we go to the boulevard. and just opposite the centre, there's a KFC. (bearing in mind, i was pregnant with Aidan at that time). everytime i pass that KFC, i began to drool. Hardy even had to drive to HFC (Halal Fried Chicken) in Brussels, an hour away from us, just so that i can eat my Kentucky-like Fried Chicken! (that only happens twice in the period of 9 months).
During our last trip to Maastricht, we passed another KFC. Hardy straight away said -" i'm gonna call the HQ and ask if their chicken are halal". he called. and they confirmed it. YES it is halal. all their products except their tiny chicken pops (what do they call them?). those little pops come from a UK supplier. everything else is halal. they confirmed that all KFC in the Netherlands are halal and you can ask instore for the certification of halal. i jumped and jumped and jumped. Early this week, just to reconfirm, Hardy emailed them to ask of the same query. they replied Hardy's email and confirmed it again! this time in writing. Yippeeyayeyy!!
Why la didnt we called them earlier?!
tak ada rezeki namanya..
Well, i could last 2 years of not eating KFC! during craving period pulak tu! if i can beat the craving.. i can beat anything! hahaha...
(Oh, and if you're wondering, what's with the title, Kip is chicken in dutch! cute kan?)

Monday, 5 November 2007

The 'extra space'

My quite-reachable ambition to make Z a table remains to this day. Well, it's quite chilly out there, I'll pick it up in the summer.....My garage now turns into multi purpose storage for used paper and glass bottles (both yet to be recycled). And of course, our limited gardening tools - heavily utilised by Z's dad. I installed some garage cabinets , mainly to store my electric drill, sander and cordless drill. I have yet to work on them.....

I reckon as most Dutch, my garage will start to fill up along the years, which will, one day, make my car roof-less....


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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Aidan's New Space

Aidan woke up this morning and found a new 'working place' specially for him!

We went to the ever reliable and affordable Ikea on Saturday, after our usual morning shopping at the Geleen market. got a table and 2 tiny cute little chairs, a playing rug, and a storage place for his toys. Hardy put them all together within mins that night, Aidan was already in bed.

And today... earlier this morning, he found out he has a new 'office'. its about time we gave him his own space where he can play and mess with his toys, rather then messying up the whole living room. we're now trying to teach him to sit on a chair, a little bit too early considering he's just 13+months old, but we will be supervising. i think i should be implemeting what we taught at the montessori - one toy at a time, to increase his level of concentration and work within your boundaries, to help to minimize the mess! we'll see if that will work! (wish me luck!)


Thursday, 1 November 2007

De Herfst

Everytime when i sit on the toilet seat i go "waaaaagghh".

Almost every tree are either red, yellow or orange, some no leaves left.

The grounds are covered with dried brown leaves.

It gets dark at 5pm.

We went to Roermond to change our car tyres to winter tyres.

Our electricity bill and heating bill will now start to hit its peak.

We now have to wear our jackets, and wrap ourselves up when we go out.

Therefore, taking an extra 5 mins to go out, and another 5 mins more for aidan!

We will feel heavier now that we have at least 3 layers of clothing to wear.

Late night shopping on Thursdays means shopping in the cold now.. therefore we're not tempted to go...

Shops now keep their doors close, therefore you'd have to push them when you want to go in. (quite a task when you're on your own, and the doors are small and have a stroller to push)

Trying on a piece of clothing in the fitting rooms are now not such a good idea coz you'd have to take each layer out. it will take you twice the time compared to a couple of months ago.

We are now feeling the 'change', we're now with sore throats, we sneeze quite a bit and aidan now has a little bit of a flam.

The clock went backward by an hour last weekend for us. so we gained an extra hour of sleep!

Capturing photos of my food wont be up to my level of satisfactory for my craftsandcooks blog coz now there's less of day light and i have to use the flash.

No more sitting at the cafes, on the decks..

Hardy does not cycle with aidan every evening anymore..

We will start drinking more hot drinks now compared to last few months.

We will no longer eat ice cream.

We will be very lazy to walk to town or to the park and will depend more on the car!

Away goes our tshirts, capris, shorts and in goes long sleeves, sweaters and polonecks.

Lotions.. lotions.. lotions for our dry skin...

Back to boots and no more sandals.

Now when i'm under the duvet, i'll go ""

We now gonna have to change to doube duvet.

Time to stock up lots of my crafty bits, lots of time will be spent indoors from now on..

Christmas lights are up!

I'd jump for joy and clap my hands when i see a glimps of sunlight!

This is Autumn.

honestly, it is beautiful!