Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Visiting Volvo

Aidan's been to Volvo (where his Tante Fi and Om Redza works) almost everytime when we were in the UK. the people there were just so friendly. we love our Volvo friends! No prize guessing where we went last week - yes, to the UK.

Aidan laughing at the clowns!

Aidan's first truck! a Volvo!

"Visiting Volvo was sure tiring... i wonder if working there is even more tiring!?"

(To our dearest blog friend, Rita, this one's for you! Aidan at Volvo! Here's wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. sending you all our love)


mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

hey ya ZaZa, thats a super cute pic of Aidan! did u really make him work all day at volvo! = ) hehehehe aaaww he looks so bliss sleeping!

Syahrun Najah said...

zaza ... haiyo ... your kids really cute la weiii .... mine sure will be sooooooo hyper HAHAHAHA ... come to my wedding la this end of the year :D

Anonymous said...

The cutest Volvo supermodel! Wey kena bagi Volvo's advertising people this photo. hhhee...jadi model za. -yaya

Cat Cat said...

Cutenya Aidan... Ternganga mulut masa tidur... Love the last picture.

Kak shasha said...

Ya allah......comel nye aidan!!! Za, gambo yg aidan kat depan truck volvo 2 reminds me of iron man yang tarik truck 2!So very d strong aidan....hhhheeeee....hhheee......

Kak Shasha

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

mush: he sleeps just like me mush! haha.. secrets out!

jaja: heard orang pelamin datang hari rumah hari tu dah. excited? nervous? hope your kids will take a little bit of yoyo's heart ;) they will be super duper cute i'm sure, just like mel! hahaha..

yaya: nak gi tanya volvo lah, boleh jadi part time model, i dont mind doing a little bit of travelling should they require him to go to uk often! hehe..

cat: macam mak dia jugak la cat.. nganga bila tidor!

k.sha: hey supermodel! yummymummy! glamour mummy! ye la... macam those iron men yang dok tarik lori by their necks! hope aidan wont be one of them! haha..


Rita Ho said...

Z, Hardy and Aidan ... THANK YOU for such a "meaningful" (hahaha) greeting. Volvo in blue and truck is OK, not so scary. Aidan in Volvo is heaven! I truly appreciate the thoughts. Love & hugs from Seattle.

BTW, can you email your postal address to me at I need your postal address. I am playing Santa-Makcik this year and Aidan is on my shortlist. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Hello! Cutenya Aidan! Bundle him up and put him on a sleigh and he'd be a natural for
the coming season..... surprise!!!
Love from KL

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

santa makcik: i thought so... i should have taken aidan's picture in my sister's car instead! next year perhaps! haha. we certainly hope you had a good birthday this year. will email you soon k?

anonymous: hello! hello! i'm gonna try and find a sleigh! lets hope it'll snow this christmas! ;) love from NL

zara's mama said...

Aw.. so nice, can to visit the safest car production plant.