Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Going Places!

We have been going places indeed! we just love to travel! i'm ever so grateful for this opportunity, to get to see places and meet people, and open up our eyes to other cultures. there's a malay saying-"jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan" which is SO true (only if you have an open mind on things and able to accept and/or adapt!).

I pick up a lot of things when i travel. most of them touches me, some very deeply.

Recently we went back to our home country Malaysia after 4 years of being here in holland. there was never a dull moment on our malaysian trip!

Sometimes when you keep snapping photos intending to blog, you tend to get carried away and not enjoy the moment. as much as i love hearing each and every click on my camera, freezing those moments, and as much as i love writing, i always take the time to sit down and just let the moment sink in me for a bit. i shall share only the ones with stories and that has left me with great impact.

A lot of things happened when we're back. i think i've got a few to share... i've decided to go on with the blog after a very long silence. i'm going to write on how i see things, and not what others might want to read. i write not to please, nor am i here to boast. i think i'm quite done with what other people say and think! my niat is clear.

We're now back in Holland! it's SO GOOD to be home! i'm still doing some unpacking, downloading a few hundred more photo (i can honestly cry looking at every single one of them!) we're now back into our routine and enjoying some well deserved 'calmness' (if you know what i mean!)

Do take a peep once in a while! :) We'll write on our trips... my take on it.