Thursday, 31 May 2007

Goodbye No.21

No.21 was just a piece of land 12 years ago. it took only 2 people to design it and almost a year to build it. they didnt thought that their 2 daughters will be living abroad, and so they build it for them to see and enjoy them and their families grow. but one can never tell what the future holds. what God's plans are. one settled in the UK, and one in the Netherlands.

Tomorrow, we're going to say goodbye to our home back in JB. A place which we have called our home for the past 11 years. A house both my parents had waited so long to actually build and make it their dream home. A house which my dad drew, measured, designed everything with no architects at all (but to sign the plans) from scratch. A house which has had more than 20 sub-contractors dealing with my mum, and my mum alone, but of course alongside with dad. A house where we've made lots of friends while building it. A house which was decorated with lots of passion. A house with a garden of eden, where my parents had spent most of their mornings and evenings outdoors, caring for their plants. A house surrounded with very friendly and good neighbours all around. A house which was filled by tremendous amount of love, joy, laughter, happiness and fond memories. A house which have seen so many events (my wedding as well as my sister's topped it off). A home we came back to from wherever we were.

This is very emotional for me, saying goodbye to our home. i felt bad as i couldnt help mum and dad pack and move. but i suppose its better this way, i probably wouldnt be able to control my emotions.

Finally, the time has come. the time has come for all of us to move forward and spend our quality times together. many many holidays together! mum and dad will spend most of their times here with us and with my sister and brother in law. mum and dad will get to enjoy their grandchildren, will have more time to travel, discovering new places, doing the things that they love, and will fill our houses (mine and kakak's) with all the things they have filled in with theirs.

To mum and dad, thank you for putting a beutiful roof over our heads. its been a hectic year, i'm sure. its sad saying goodbye. but look at the bright side, we're going to see you very soon! and no more empty rooms and cleaning the whole house and the garden! we hope you'll enjoy your new home, although it's still in a mess. and spend many many days in ours. micasa sukasa!!...

And to our beautiful house no.21, thank you for a beautiful and wonderful 11 years. we hope it'll be a good home for our buyer too.

We hope to fill our home, here in the netherlands with even more love, happiness and make new fond memories...


-1st june 2007-

Just called my parents, they've handed the keys over and said their goodbyes. the only one tennant remaining at no.21 is MILO, she was born there, at no.21 when her mum NENG, a stray cat became a permenant resident at our then home since late 2004. MILO had her last lunch with my parents, a fest of nasi, ikan and serunding my dad fixed specially for her. somehow she knew we're leaving her behind and couldnt stay away from mum's legs. i'm still in tears.
(picture taken on the day i left for netherlands for good 1.5 years ago)

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

The -jes

I cant help but to notice this. we have a lot of things with -jes at the back of most words. the dutch adds the -jes to describe almost everything that is small or short.

For example:
Aidan's enjoying appletjes now (small apples). i cook them myself for his snack. i try to avoid giving him potjes (food from the bottles). but its good to have them when you're travelling. aidan's got a paddington beartje (small paddington bear) in his room and lots of other speeltjes (small toys). aidan sleeps with a knuffeldoekje (doudou). slightly later, when he's up from his slaapje (short nap), he will have his pompoenhapje (pumpkin small meal) as his lunch.

I'm currently sitting on a stoeltje (small stool). a while ago, ik heb twee zakjes of chinese tomaat soep (i had 2 packets of chinese tomato soup). my husband likes to eat his broodje (small bread) with balsamic oil, which i will prepare for part of his dinner later.

I still havent bought any cadautjes (small presents) for our UK trip, and i'm gathering ideas to do some bedanktjes (small thank you favors) for noreen and daniel's wedding!

All dutch will surely offer you een kopje thee or een kopje koffie (a small cup of tea or a small cup of coffie) when you visit them. alongside with their teas and coffies, they'd have a koekje (small biscuit), which are most of the time quite tasteful and nice! and once you're done with your teabags, you put them on this:

Talking about koekjes, aidan's tandje (tiny tooth) has come out and hopefully he'll taste his eerste koekje soon!

Since the sun's out and wether's been good, i think we need to buy a tafelje (small table) so that we can enjoy the zomer zon! perhaps we should go to ikea this weekend and have a look at the koopjes section (bargain buys).

And in case you havent noticed, look at our web address of this blog! :)

Oh, and earlier today, i used a couple of wattenstaafjes (cottonbuds) to clean my ears! he he..

(note: 'j' is pronounced as 'y')


Sunday, 20 May 2007

Elke Zaterdag

This is where we normally go on almost all our zaterdag (saturdays) - a market in Geleen.

Geleen is our neighbouring town and is just a good 6 mins drive (including finding a parking spot) from our home.

We get our fresh supplies of vis, fruit, bloemen (fish, fruits, flowers) and do our asian groceries at the toko. its a nice market with many grocers, selling their products, nice smell when you pass the fruit and flower section.

We do however prefer to get all our vegetables and most fruits at the supermarkets where we feel the quality is much better. but the markt (market) is certainly a treat! i look forward to elke zaterdag (every saturdays). why?
1. my dear husband does not need to go to the office
2. i can wake up slightly late if my dear husband feeds our son his breakfast
3. i can go to the market and get my flowers and shop at the toko
4. i can cook the things i bought at the market

This was what we bought recently:

3 boxes of aardbeien (strawberries) for just 3euros! (will write on what i did to them at my other blog soon)

3 bunches of tulpen (tulips) for just 3euros! (if you come at 4pm, an hour before they closes.)


Sunday, 13 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day Mum

A Mother's love is something that no on can explain.
It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain.

Mum's smile can brighten any moment,
mum's hugs put joy in all our days,
mum's love will stay with us forever,
and touch our lives in many precious ways.

The values you've taught,
the care you've given,
and the wonderful love you've shown,
have enriched my life in more ways than I can count.

You're not just a mum, you're a friend, my best friend, my idol. what a gift to have you in my life, and to be loved by you.

I love you beyond all the bounds mum! missing you VERY VERY much.

Hugs & Kisses,

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

A Little Dream

I've just heard the news that belgian Kim Clijsters had announced her retirement, at the age of 23. i'm not really a fan of hers but i must say she's one of the players who definitely has the potential to win more than one Grand Slam. many would criticise her decision to retire at a young age, but if you ask me, a reason to start a family and care for her family's a good enough reasons for her to hang the racquet. clearly, she's not after the earnings, titles and throphies.

I suppose she had spend more than enough days on the courts, hitting balls over the net, perfecting her strokes and serves, and living out of a suitcase. i can only imagine. it was once my dream to go on a circuit, check into hotels with my tennis bags, be fit as other female tennis players (sharapova would be nice). but that's all gone now. it's too late. my tennis days are over. i wasnt that good anyway...

I will hopefully introduce aidan to tennis young. just like my parents did to me some 25 years ago. i hope he'll pick up the sport, love it, and win french open! why roland garros? well, he saw nadal and federer played at the french last year (well, ok, not actually saw but perhaps heard and feel, since he was in my tummy), and there's a good tennis club with clay courts near our home. but i wouldnt mind him winning wimbledon.. (his dad wants to start him off playing football and golf). but frankly, we dont mind any sport he chooses.. just make sure it's a safe sport!

Cant wait to get him his first tennis racquet!

(picture of me at roland garros last year - 5+mhts pregnant with aidan)


Sunday, 6 May 2007

First Gear

Our son has started crawling. the first few weeks of tries was somewhat frustrating for him, i could tell. he was shouting out of frustration for not being able to move forward! his fair chubby face turned red. he tried and tried with lots of "baaa baaa beee beee" (his version of complaining) and finally.. he did it.





and.. oopss.. he bumped his head on the floor! *ouch* and mama's still snapping away!

and 10 seconds later...

he's happy... and so's mama!

It's absolutely amazing to see his progress, from rolling to crawling.. from crawling backwards to now crawling forward! i'm over the moon and absolutely proud of aidan! on the other hand, this means, more eyes on him, more time with him in sight, watching him, no more leaving him play on his own whilst mama cleans, cooks away from his "play-ground" etc, less time blogging during the day! *selfish mama!*

He's begining to grab hold of almost everything now that he's crawling! leave him on his own for 1 min he'll get to the other end of the carpet! and this is just the first week!

Wait till he goes more than 5mph! wait till he gets into full gear!!


Thursday, 3 May 2007

Laksa Penang

While on our fortnightly marketing a few weeks ago at Geleen's 'Tropical Markt' - an Asian grocery store, we saw daum kesum, often used for masak asam pedas, and as for me, one of the key ingredient in the-glorious-ever-asam-laksa penang of my mom's. Motivated by the mere smell of it, I embarked into making it myself. Well, this was the third attempt, having cooked it twice last year - once when Z's craving (and me too) during her pregnancy and once more on I-have-to-work raya day. Back home, laksa Penang is the must-have menu during raya, almost a legacy, for the past 9 years.

With the exception of bunga kantan, I had all the other ingredients at hand. Also available was the crunchy 'cucur udang', a compulsory side addition, which according to Kyrz and Ez, is not qualified as a laksa Penang without it. I remembered how Kyrz would eat all the asam, daum kesum and bunga kantan...

Well, we had it for dinner for 2 nights in a row....lekker...


Recipe...?'s a bit of this and that....anyway, it was a dish cooked from the heart....for my sweetheart....heheh....

lekker = sedaapppp....

Tuesday, 1 May 2007


YES! i definitely have Lily of the Valley in my garden!! lots of them!!

Lily of the Valley or botanically known as Convallaria Majalis, grows from mid march to may. this white bell shaped flower emit a delicious fragrance! i can actually smell them from my front door!

If you're curious on how they smell, Crabtree & Evelyn carries a wide range of this petite flower products from soaps to eau de parfum. i simply adore the brand.

It signifies "return to happiness", or according to wikipedia, the meaning of this flower is "you will find happiness". i certainly have found my happiness, and hope we will be happy in our new home.

Definitely a spring pleasure!