Sunday, 6 May 2007

First Gear

Our son has started crawling. the first few weeks of tries was somewhat frustrating for him, i could tell. he was shouting out of frustration for not being able to move forward! his fair chubby face turned red. he tried and tried with lots of "baaa baaa beee beee" (his version of complaining) and finally.. he did it.





and.. oopss.. he bumped his head on the floor! *ouch* and mama's still snapping away!

and 10 seconds later...

he's happy... and so's mama!

It's absolutely amazing to see his progress, from rolling to crawling.. from crawling backwards to now crawling forward! i'm over the moon and absolutely proud of aidan! on the other hand, this means, more eyes on him, more time with him in sight, watching him, no more leaving him play on his own whilst mama cleans, cooks away from his "play-ground" etc, less time blogging during the day! *selfish mama!*

He's begining to grab hold of almost everything now that he's crawling! leave him on his own for 1 min he'll get to the other end of the carpet! and this is just the first week!

Wait till he goes more than 5mph! wait till he gets into full gear!!



Anonymous said...

you know what zaza,
i rasa macam nak gigit jek dia punya kaki, jari, tangan, lengan, pipi dia yang gebu, comel dan gempal...hmmm macam sedapnya....


Sab@Nina said...

9kg ++?? Amboi.....dah besar and now crawling! Dear you're really going have your hands full when he starts cruising and after that walking......and after that penat layan dia "talking"! Of coz it's all in good fun!!!! :) hugs n kisses fr Aemir

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

nadia: i'll gigit them for you k? will tell him that aunt nadia yang suruh! :)

sab: how was your experience with aemir? how long is it from crawling to standing up, and walking? you know what? i cannot take my eyes off him once he's on the floor! scared he'd lick the floor and mama's somewhat of a "clean freak"!


Adam said...

Congrats. You better start baby proofing your house and lay down duvets around like in my house.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

adam: i was 'inspired' by it right after leaving your house! but i think we need a bigger duvet to cover the whole floor!