Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Malaysian Food Fair

(Was suppose to write about this long time ago, but anyway.. here it is..)

Every year the Malaysian Embassy will host a Malaysian Food Fair. This is the time for all of us, to meet and get to know each other. This year was our second time at the fair and what an improvement!

The were plenty more choices, plenty more faces and we manage to meet those whom we briefly met last year, Pak Mat in particular. this is one kind man who gave me a tupperware full of kuah laksa johor last year during my craving days, while carrying Aidan. and to thank him and to let him know that i will always remember his kind gestures, i brought him a limburgese vlaai!!

(Thank you Pak Mat for covering my double chin! hehe)

Did not manage to catch what we had, what we ate, we simply couldnt wait and cant help ourselves but to dig in straight away, and of course, K.Noriah's stall as well as Pak Mat's was our 1st target! but i have to say that there were few other stalls that caught our noses!

(The Johor "sendo" lot!)

We brought mum and dad to the fair and they managed to form a johor group! and what a small world it is! there were big laughs talking of old times, serious talks, as well as pleasantly smiley faces amongst them. i will for sure visit the most humble Uncle Joe, the ever so friendly Pak Mat, the best malaysian cook in NL, K.Noriah and family again next year at the fair.

(Hardy introducing a malaysian flag, malaysian local fruits to Aidan)

We missed our dear friend, noreen and izi, but i guess the food back home tastes way better ey? We missed noreen and daniel, hope to see you guys on the same day next year (they went on sunday, we went on saturday). i didnt manage to meet a new blog friend, theeta and family (they were there on sunday as well). and we certainly wished Maz was still here.


Saturday, 23 June 2007

De Hollandsche Molen

It’s impossible to picture the Netherlands without windmills! and since my parents are here, we wanted them to see what holland is famous for. so we brought them to kinderdijk.

Because large parts of the netherlands are reclaimed parts of water, about 70% of the country is below sea level. the impact which this has on the dutch drainage system is huge! the draining of the country doesnt take place the normal way, this causes that all the water from rain which falls on the country stays. so in order to prevent the dutch inhabitants from drowning a large drainage system was formed. a system of 19 windmills was built around 1740. this group of mills is the largest concentration of old windmills in the netherlands.

All of them are all working windmills that require people living in them to be "millers" and maintain them. There is a waiting list of people to live in them! visitors can go in one of them on certain days (which wasnt the case when we were there, unfortunately). There is an entrance for those who want to see the windmill on the inside, but there is no fee for those who just go to see the windmills on the outside.

UNESCO inscribed the Kinderdijk-Elshout network of windmills on the World Heritage List in 1997. The network attests to the ingenuity and bravery of the Dutch people, who developed a highly intelligent hydraulic system to stabilize and cultivate a large stretch of peat bog in the Netherlands.
Located on the northwest edge of the Alblasserwaard (“land on the water’s edge”), the complex helped drain the inner districts of the Overwaard (“the high land”) and the Nederwaard (“the low land”) until 1950, when the mills were closed. The 19 remaining mills are still in operating condition.
The site and its upstream and downstream polders, equipped with natural drainage systems, rivers and streams, windmills, pumping stations and spillways, have remained virtually unchanged since the 18th century. Today this typically Dutch landscape is officially protected as a cultural monument and a natural reserve.

It's approx. 16km from rotterdam, and if you're travelling by car, you can find it by taking the A16 and A15 motorway from Rotterdam in the direction of Gorinchem and Nijmegen, and taking the exit signposted as "Alblasserdam, Kinderdijk", and following the signs to Kinderdijk. Walking along the dyke from the designated parking area, you will first see the modern pumping station, and then a succession of all nineteen 18th century windmills, on either side of the dyke and waterway.

Kinderdijk, a well worth visit!

Click here for an interactive history and explanation on windmills and kinderdijk.

Read more about Kinderdijk here

Read about Kinderdijk on UNESCO world heritage site here


Thursday, 21 June 2007


Woensdag, 20 Juni

There were 33 candles on midnight, marking my husband's birthday. Mijn liefste turned 33. what makes this person so special? everyone who knows him would probably have diffrerent things to say about him. everyone who knows him well will know how special he is, in his own ways of course. but here's what we think of him (after taking only the gist of it)

Mum: "the coolest guy!"
Dad: "wonderfully dependable in every way"
My sister, fifi who's heavily pregnant: "very meticulous person, very patient with a soft heart"
My wacky brother in law, redza: "A really nice genuine typical bloke that fits in anywhere! and so am i!" (we agree!! same goes for you too redz!!)

Me? he is full of love and more. and i am extrermely proud to be his wife.

Last but not least, Aidan (who turns 9 months today). this was what he thought of his papa (taken on the morning of hardy's birthday whilst trying to get up, and later that day in town).

To my mother in laws: thank you mama for giving birth to a beautiful person 33 years ago, who turned out to be a wonderful man to all of us. thank you for taking care and showered him with all your motherly love. thank you mummy for all the love you've shared, the care you showed and given to this amazing husband of mine.


Monday, 18 June 2007

Happy Father's Day

Dad, you were the one who'd make sure i would have everything i needed, most of what i wanted. I can look back and see that you always wanted the best for me, and I know how hard you worked to get it. And even though we may not agree on everything, you've taught me to think things through, to care, to love and to share...

My dear husband, the father of our son,
Your patience amazes me...your energy inspires me...your love makes our life together so good and so right and so complete.

I love the father in you, the way you take parenting seriously, and that little boy in you who comes out to wrestle, laugh and play... i love the tenderness in your heart, the constant care and the love you share with all your might!

To the both of you,

What would my life be without you?
I'd never have made it this far.
You've helped me through all my endeavors
You're the best! You're a peach! You're a Star!


Sunday, 17 June 2007

Bite Me!

I've been trying to snap a photo of aidan's tooth since it's first sightings couple of weeks ago but failed. but last tuesday, on our way to Zurich, we stopped at one of the services and i managed to get a good photo of him and his tandjes! (now, there's two!)

Kijk! Aidan heeft twee tandjes!

He's been biting almost everything lately!

(Just got back about 2 hours ago.. we'll write more on our wonderful trip soon!)


Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Mooie Maastricht

We brought oma and opa to Maastricht last week, 20 mins drive from our home. Maastricht is the capital of province of Limburg. the city is situated on both sides of the famous River Maas, in the south-eastern part of the Netherlands between Belgium and Germany. Maastricht is probably the oldest city in the Netherlands with historical streets and places to visit. the main shopping stretches between the Vrijthof Square and the railway station. you will be able to find charming shops as well as departmental stores, where one could not resist the temptation to shop!

I'm not going to write on the historical buildings and places in maastricht, my husband knows it by hard now, therefore he's the best person to tell you on the historical side of the said place. i'm just going to touch briefly on the shopping we did last week.

The well conserved and excellently maintained centrum of Maastricht offers an attractive shopping culture, with its renowned and long-established stores
specialized in art, antiques, design, home furnishings, accessories and fashion, and its delicatessens, not to mention cafes and popular high street brands. The best thing is, in spring and summer, you'll get to enjoy the cafes, bars and restaurants outside, overlooking the river or the square. watch out for cyclists when you're walking tho!

The shops in Maastricht are open on Monday from 1pm to 6pm, Tuesday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturdays from 9am to 5pm. Thursday evenings, shops open until 9pm, we call it Koopavond. Sundays shops are often gesloten (closed), but there are certain days where they open, most cases every first Sunday of the month. Please note that, if you're travelling to the Netherlands, and carrying traveller's cheques, it is not possible to change them at the banks. unlike in the UK where you can change them at the banks and any travel agents, Thomas Cook etc, over here, you can change them at the Schipol Airport, or an exchange office on most big cities, called GWK, most of them situated just accross or near the railway stations. in Maastricht, it's at stationsplein 27.

We went shopping, had lunch at the cafe, stopped for waffels and ice creams, continued shopping whilst admiring the 18th, 19th centuary buildings, cobbled stones, figures and enjoying the atmosphere. we were there from morning, till the shops shut their doors and count their earnings of the day!! and it really didnt feel that long!

There's so much to explore and see in Maastricht. a day is simply not enough! i've found my gems in maastricht, a couple of shops on Sporenstraat, where i know i'd be visiting again, and again and again...

Maastricht is definitely a place to visit when you're in the Netherlands. Mooie Maastricht.. such beauty, such character, such charm.


Wednesday, 6 June 2007


They say a picture says a thousand words....

... these says a million! and the spoiling begins! :)

Sunday, 3 June 2007

The Arrival

Its bijna zes uur, and i'm awake, taken my shower, all dressed up, aidan's bag and our snack bag are ready to hit the road. the only thing that's not ready yet is our son, he's still sleeping and we dont have the heart to wake him up, but i will in the next 10 mins, once i'm done with this.

Aidan's oma and opa's arriving today!! i've been looking forward to this for the past 6 months! the last time they were here was when aidan was a week old and went back a month later.

We were very busy in preparing their room and finishing up the house, the flooring in paticular, and now quite happy with it.

There will be loads of things to talk about, much stories and gossips. many places to visit, plenty of shopping and of course, quality time with each other.

If one day, aidan should read this, i want you to know that this is one of the many days that mama's feeling extremely happy. mama's been so looking forward to this day and extremely thrilled that oma and opa's finally here, again... i'm going to wake you up now... no, wait, you're already up! off we go to the luchthaven to fetch oma and opa!