Sunday, 3 June 2007

The Arrival

Its bijna zes uur, and i'm awake, taken my shower, all dressed up, aidan's bag and our snack bag are ready to hit the road. the only thing that's not ready yet is our son, he's still sleeping and we dont have the heart to wake him up, but i will in the next 10 mins, once i'm done with this.

Aidan's oma and opa's arriving today!! i've been looking forward to this for the past 6 months! the last time they were here was when aidan was a week old and went back a month later.

We were very busy in preparing their room and finishing up the house, the flooring in paticular, and now quite happy with it.

There will be loads of things to talk about, much stories and gossips. many places to visit, plenty of shopping and of course, quality time with each other.

If one day, aidan should read this, i want you to know that this is one of the many days that mama's feeling extremely happy. mama's been so looking forward to this day and extremely thrilled that oma and opa's finally here, again... i'm going to wake you up now... no, wait, you're already up! off we go to the luchthaven to fetch oma and opa!



ann said...


Ajzie said...

tentu aidan seronok ada oma n opa bersama. Lucky you adik zaza.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ann: memang best!!! :))

ajzie: we think opa and oma are more excited than aidan!


Theta said...

Hoping Opa and Oma have settled down well at your humble abode.
No severe case of jetlag I hope!
Take care and have fun together!

Zuraida said...

zaza.. bestnya bila dapat jumpa mak & ayah kan. kalau k.zue mmg excited sgt. lagi plak dah lama tak jumpa. mesti sekarang sibuk with Aidan, Oma & Opa. hehehehe. kalau dah tak sibuk nanti sambung citer lagi kat blog ni eh.. miss you so much!! send my regards to oma, opa, hardy & the handsome boy!

Kak Shasha said...

hi dik,
sure all of u are so happy to meet each other.... have a great time... nnti kita chat. take care n looking forward on ur cerita lg. Bye....salams n love to all.
XXX Kak Shasha

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

theta: oma and opa's settling down just fine.. thank you..first day jetlag wasnt so bad.. they were quite busy entertaining aidan. second day, langsong tak ada, gone, we went out, shopping!! thats why!

k.zue: memang best! i've been waiting for this for so long now. we're now enjoying each other's company not to mention mak ngan ayah are both spoiling aidan!! pengsan la bila diorang balik nanti!!

k.shasha: thanks k.sha! memang happy. alhamdulillah all are fine and enjoying ourselves! will post stories and photos soon! lots of love to all back home!