Thursday, 31 May 2007

Goodbye No.21

No.21 was just a piece of land 12 years ago. it took only 2 people to design it and almost a year to build it. they didnt thought that their 2 daughters will be living abroad, and so they build it for them to see and enjoy them and their families grow. but one can never tell what the future holds. what God's plans are. one settled in the UK, and one in the Netherlands.

Tomorrow, we're going to say goodbye to our home back in JB. A place which we have called our home for the past 11 years. A house both my parents had waited so long to actually build and make it their dream home. A house which my dad drew, measured, designed everything with no architects at all (but to sign the plans) from scratch. A house which has had more than 20 sub-contractors dealing with my mum, and my mum alone, but of course alongside with dad. A house where we've made lots of friends while building it. A house which was decorated with lots of passion. A house with a garden of eden, where my parents had spent most of their mornings and evenings outdoors, caring for their plants. A house surrounded with very friendly and good neighbours all around. A house which was filled by tremendous amount of love, joy, laughter, happiness and fond memories. A house which have seen so many events (my wedding as well as my sister's topped it off). A home we came back to from wherever we were.

This is very emotional for me, saying goodbye to our home. i felt bad as i couldnt help mum and dad pack and move. but i suppose its better this way, i probably wouldnt be able to control my emotions.

Finally, the time has come. the time has come for all of us to move forward and spend our quality times together. many many holidays together! mum and dad will spend most of their times here with us and with my sister and brother in law. mum and dad will get to enjoy their grandchildren, will have more time to travel, discovering new places, doing the things that they love, and will fill our houses (mine and kakak's) with all the things they have filled in with theirs.

To mum and dad, thank you for putting a beutiful roof over our heads. its been a hectic year, i'm sure. its sad saying goodbye. but look at the bright side, we're going to see you very soon! and no more empty rooms and cleaning the whole house and the garden! we hope you'll enjoy your new home, although it's still in a mess. and spend many many days in ours. micasa sukasa!!...

And to our beautiful house no.21, thank you for a beautiful and wonderful 11 years. we hope it'll be a good home for our buyer too.

We hope to fill our home, here in the netherlands with even more love, happiness and make new fond memories...


-1st june 2007-

Just called my parents, they've handed the keys over and said their goodbyes. the only one tennant remaining at no.21 is MILO, she was born there, at no.21 when her mum NENG, a stray cat became a permenant resident at our then home since late 2004. MILO had her last lunch with my parents, a fest of nasi, ikan and serunding my dad fixed specially for her. somehow she knew we're leaving her behind and couldnt stay away from mum's legs. i'm still in tears.
(picture taken on the day i left for netherlands for good 1.5 years ago)


ann said...

zaza, do look us up when you visit zurich. if you have time that is. you can email me at and i will give you a no to contact. enjoy your trip!

Theta said...

Sounds like a magnificent home full with happy memories.
I'd be sad too if I were in your shoes.
11 years is a long period during which one grows not only physically (you must be in your teens, then?) but mentally, spiritually and emotionally as well.
To be sure, No. 21 will always remain etch forever in the core of your being.

Anonymous said...

Za, sedihnya!! I've been to House No.21 once and I loved it. I'd be emotional too if I was in your shoes. Where are they moving to?

M A Janssen said...

Tho it's sad, you're lucky to have had such wonderful memories to remember by. Now, you can make new ones with your family in Europe and hopefully with us too Insya Allah. Have fun with your parents' stay and all my best to your sister and may she have a speedy safe delivery.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ann: will surely do!! will find the time. baden zurich not that far kan? thanks ann, will surely email you soon :)

theta: it surely was. we moved in when i was away studying, when i came back for summer holidays, everything was ready for me, my room, bed, everything! the things that my parents do for us! its sad because they did it from scratch, just bythemselves, sad to see all the effort go but happy that this is what they want and happy that we've had a good 11 years there. it will always be a special place for all of us. thankfully, the new owner are humble people and its nice and comforting to know. i hope they'll let milo to stay.

anonymous: memang sedih sgt. but there will come a time in our lives where you have to leave even the most precious thing. my parents found the house way too big for them, there's only 2 of them now that kakak and i are here. they're moving to a slightly smaller place (where they fell in love after being there for the 1st time). so i'm glad the new home for them is something they love it too! p.s: anonymous ni siapa eh?

m jansssen: it's nice to get to talk to you yesterday! thanks for calling! yes we're very lucky indeed and will surely make more good, fun and fond memories here in europe!! thanks for the well wishes for my sister, will surely convey it to her.


Ajzie said...


Rasa mcm kenal zaza lah.. your sister name shafinaz and we called her fifi.. Same school with her at SIGS.

Fifi apa khabar?
Anak dah berapa?

Kak Azi

kak ct said...

za....kak ct tumpang all feelings yg zaza rasa..sedih..happy..ALL!
yg penting...u'll feel very happy..(soon kut..??) when your parents around.
for fifi...k.ct doakan dia sihat so that dia dpt 'tambahkan' happiness in your whole family.
buat kak ct yg jauhhhhhh kat jb m'sia really glad to know that u r alwayz.
take care k!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

k.azi: yep, i'm zaza, a sister to shahfinaz! unfortunately, we both cant recall who you are. there's quite a few azi's we know of back in sigs days! fi's doing good alhamdulillah, thanks for asking. she's due next month and i'm the one who's excited! i'm going to be an aunt!!!

k.ct: thank you, as always, you're so thoughtful. i'm sure this feeling of sadness will go by the end of the day coz mak ngan ayah will be here this sunday insyaallah.
thank you for your well wishes and prayers for kakak. will let her know. memang best family dah besar dah nihh! tapi tak la besar mana sgt pon..
you take care too k.ct!


Kak shasha said...

Hi dik,
K.sha pun tumpang sedih ngan u bout no.21. Yeah..... a lot of memories there. Anyway don't worry, it's time to create memories for aidan and his family..... When he grows up he too will have fond memories of the place he grew up esp with a mama and papa like both of u.... Without u realising it dik, u have started memorable ones all within this blog. Take u....