Monday, 28 July 2008

I'm Staying...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes for my nephew Ferran. we had a brilliant time all of us together. a couple of weeks went by so incredibly fast, especially when we were enjoying ourselves. after thousands of miles travelled, they went back to the UK with their car packed full of toys, wet-wipes (they're much much cheaper here), loads of new clothes and almost 3 thousand shots of photos taken from 3 cameras!

What a holiday!

I must apologize for not updating on our stories and journeys. i feel the need to say this. i've been thinking and thinking very hard lately.. what is my main reason for blogging. Hardy and i first started blogging since we were dating, we then moved on, and moved away and got married and now have a new life with our son Aidan here, away from Malaysia. at first, we blog to share our stories and experiences with our closest and dearest families and friends. little did we know that we'll be making friends all around the globe! i'm extremely grateful to have made new ones, definitely! some, without them knowing, are very dear to me. i'm fortunate enough not to be bombarded with nasty comments, i suppose there are quite a bunch of nice people in here. but on the other hand, by writing and making our blog 'public', anyone can find us in here and read our thoughts and stories.

I am aware by putting every word i type on the net makes people know even more of our life here. i am extremely careful with what i chose to write and how i write. i dont really write on intimate and those personal stuff and most of our writings are mainly on our son, how we're handling him, our travelling bits and how we're coping living here in the Netherlands. but whenever we write, it comes straight from the heart.

Hardy and i had a good talk over retiring from blogging. i came this close (i wish you could see how close my thumb and my pointer finger are!) to deleting our entire blog last week. we had our reasons.

But after listening to a few wise opinions, after they've made me see the other side of things, i then decided to hung on. and as Hardy puts it - "we dont have control over actions by others and what they think. but we can decide for ourselves."

I enjoy writing (despite the wrong spellings, grammar etc), i enjoy my time infront of the computer to share our stories (it's like having a 'me' time), i enjoy reading the comments made by others (those who leaves a word or two normally makes my day!). i enjoy making new friends in here. i write for a reason, i share for a reason. so there..

There's always a reason for everything. i am staying true to myself and true to what i share and write. my feet are firmly on the ground and i am grateful and thankful that some might find our writings a pleasure to read.

As of now, i'm staying.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Our 4th of July - Ferran's 1st Birthday

We woke up early that morning when Ferran turned 1. and after a good hearty breakfast, we all showered the birthday boy with all his presents. the look on Ferran's face was just as cool and calm like any ordinary day... but the look on both his mummy and daddy's faces, priceless! both their jaws wide opened - stunned. and the first thing they said was - "how on earth are we going to bring all these back home! it wont fit the car!". (told you to make space! not our fault!)

We brought out the cake after Ferran got up from his nap. then we had a tiny little cake party outside in the garden with lots and lots of shots taken. gosh! i tell you, it was tough to get Aidan to stay still with the cake infront of him... just look at the expression on both Ferran and Aidan's faces! here are some photos to share..

Aidan: "eh ferran, still plenty of cake lah! lets dive in! you sapu right, i sapu left"
Ferran: "mmmmmmmmmmmm.. but left got more aidan!"
Everyone else kept calling "Aidan!! Ferran!! Aidan!! Ferran!! look at the camera!!"
The grandparents are posing..

Aidan: "tak kisah lah... but ferran, wait, i try my luck with my papa and see dapat lagi ke tak! papaaaaa.... nak lagi sikit please..."
Ferran eyes are still on the cake!
The grandparents are STILL posing...

Aidan: "aaaaaaaaaaaaaa...."

Ferran: "ha ah la... it worked! dapat lah!"

Aidan: "see! i told you! you just have to put on a sad face and a sad tone, sure dapat! your birthday what! you try!"

Ferran: "eh, ye ke? ok.. ok..."

Ferran: "please.. someone, anyone... tok mum... i want some more cake..."

Tok mum: "alahai kesiannya cucu aku... che ferran nak cake eh, nah.. nah.. nah.."
Aidan: "see, told you! we have to be smart and act a bit!

Finally, one good shot of the grandparents and their cucus on Ferran's 1st Birthday last Friday the 4th of July!

Ferran then gets to enjoy the rest of his birthday cake with his mummy and daddy. we hope you've had a good one Ferran! and we hope you'll enjoy the rest of your stay with us! we love you very much!

Friday, 4 July 2008

My Nephew is One Today!

Twinkle twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are?

Happy 1st Birthday Ferran!

I wish and pray you will have a good life, be filled with love, will share tonnes of laughters, be blessed with good health and all the good things in life. we want you to know that you are very very much loved!

Have a very happy 1st birthday Ferran. hope you'll enjoy yourself here with all of us.

Congratulations kakak and redza! God works in mysterious ways eh? just when you thought you couldnt conceive, there you go! and look at him now and how much he has grown. he's happy, chirpy, lovely, bubbly and bouncy!

Just thought i'd share this with you - A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankrolls smaller, homes happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for.... and guys, now that you're here, we'll make sure you'll put on some weight! hehe ;)

We hope you'll have a wonderful time here with us!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The Spoiling Begins....

Oma and Opa are here! i now have 4 extra hands and eyes! i long for the days when i can craft the whole day, or just sit infront of the computer the whole morning and read other blogs (i havent had time to read and comments on other's blogs for a long time!)... i long for dad's cookings and mum's ironing (the selfish side of me), but mostly, i long to see my son laugh with his Opa and Oma!

I now, cook slightly lesser than before, iron slightly lesser than before, i cry lesser when Hardy goes out of the country (gi la Barcelona, Antartika, Moscow or Krakow.. kita dok rumah... tak kisah... :P) now that i have company.... and i can now (i hope) to sit back for a bit, go out for a movie with Hardy, have a quiet dinner just me and my dear husband... although i must say there were a couple of times since mum and dad are here, when it was just Hardy and i in the car, it felt rather strange not having Aidan in his seat blabbering!

Wait.. there's more... my sister Fifi and her boys are coming tomorrow!! it's going to be my nephew Ferran's 1st Birthday this Friday 4th of July! there's still tonnes to do, and tomorrow's the day to finish up everything before another 3 special guests arrive!

I am one happy soul!