Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Our 4th of July - Ferran's 1st Birthday

We woke up early that morning when Ferran turned 1. and after a good hearty breakfast, we all showered the birthday boy with all his presents. the look on Ferran's face was just as cool and calm like any ordinary day... but the look on both his mummy and daddy's faces, priceless! both their jaws wide opened - stunned. and the first thing they said was - "how on earth are we going to bring all these back home! it wont fit the car!". (told you to make space! not our fault!)

We brought out the cake after Ferran got up from his nap. then we had a tiny little cake party outside in the garden with lots and lots of shots taken. gosh! i tell you, it was tough to get Aidan to stay still with the cake infront of him... just look at the expression on both Ferran and Aidan's faces! here are some photos to share..

Aidan: "eh ferran, still plenty of cake lah! lets dive in! you sapu right, i sapu left"
Ferran: "mmmmmmmmmmmm.. but left got more aidan!"
Everyone else kept calling "Aidan!! Ferran!! Aidan!! Ferran!! look at the camera!!"
The grandparents are posing..

Aidan: "tak kisah lah... but ferran, wait, i try my luck with my papa and see dapat lagi ke tak! papaaaaa.... nak lagi sikit please..."
Ferran eyes are still on the cake!
The grandparents are STILL posing...

Aidan: "aaaaaaaaaaaaaa...."

Ferran: "ha ah la... it worked! dapat lah!"

Aidan: "see! i told you! you just have to put on a sad face and a sad tone, sure dapat! your birthday what! you try!"

Ferran: "eh, ye ke? ok.. ok..."

Ferran: "please.. someone, anyone... tok mum... i want some more cake..."

Tok mum: "alahai kesiannya cucu aku... che ferran nak cake eh, nah.. nah.. nah.."
Aidan: "see, told you! we have to be smart and act a bit!

Finally, one good shot of the grandparents and their cucus on Ferran's 1st Birthday last Friday the 4th of July!

Ferran then gets to enjoy the rest of his birthday cake with his mummy and daddy. we hope you've had a good one Ferran! and we hope you'll enjoy the rest of your stay with us! we love you very much!


K.Shasha said...

Dua2 rupa mcm nak lompat jer atas cake tu. I love the most when aidan korek hidung. Guess tu secret recipe yg jadi cake lg sedap. Heee.....heee....heee..... So cute...... Can see that everybody had a great time. Loves to all.
Kak Shasha
P/S: 10/7 is K.Yaya's bday

Wiz said...

Dearest Z,

I spot that white bench under that shady tree at the back. I soooooo love it.

zuraida said...

they are so cute! comel... bulatnya pipi Ferran. geram.. tolong gigit for me ye fifi.
zaza, you should write a storylah.. very talented in using the words & expressing the mood.

Akmal said...

They are smart, and you sure know how to make pictures hilarious haha :D
Anyway, Happy belated birthday to Ferran.

Anonymous said...

hahhaa..luvd ur script! totally masuk dgn the snapshots. the kids are really cool! and sgt2 comel. good to hear your parents are back in holland. hope you had a blast! yaya

Mariam said...

happy belated bday to ferran!cute lah dia ber2 tuh..bila boleh jumpa kan...


Anonymous said...

Thank you to Tante, Om and Aidan for a wonderful 1st birthday. Thank you to everyone for the wishes!

Ummi said...

Can you kiss both little boys for me.. .. they are so cute..