Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Malaysian Food Fair

(Was suppose to write about this long time ago, but anyway.. here it is..)

Every year the Malaysian Embassy will host a Malaysian Food Fair. This is the time for all of us, to meet and get to know each other. This year was our second time at the fair and what an improvement!

The were plenty more choices, plenty more faces and we manage to meet those whom we briefly met last year, Pak Mat in particular. this is one kind man who gave me a tupperware full of kuah laksa johor last year during my craving days, while carrying Aidan. and to thank him and to let him know that i will always remember his kind gestures, i brought him a limburgese vlaai!!

(Thank you Pak Mat for covering my double chin! hehe)

Did not manage to catch what we had, what we ate, we simply couldnt wait and cant help ourselves but to dig in straight away, and of course, K.Noriah's stall as well as Pak Mat's was our 1st target! but i have to say that there were few other stalls that caught our noses!

(The Johor "sendo" lot!)

We brought mum and dad to the fair and they managed to form a johor group! and what a small world it is! there were big laughs talking of old times, serious talks, as well as pleasantly smiley faces amongst them. i will for sure visit the most humble Uncle Joe, the ever so friendly Pak Mat, the best malaysian cook in NL, K.Noriah and family again next year at the fair.

(Hardy introducing a malaysian flag, malaysian local fruits to Aidan)

We missed our dear friend, noreen and izi, but i guess the food back home tastes way better ey? We missed noreen and daniel, hope to see you guys on the same day next year (they went on sunday, we went on saturday). i didnt manage to meet a new blog friend, theeta and family (they were there on sunday as well). and we certainly wished Maz was still here.



ajzie said...

Best lah ...dan tambah seronok dapat jumpa blogger friend..kan kan..

Seronok bila Johoreian berkumpul, mcm cerita boleh keluar

Kalau fifi dah ada baby, jangan lupa buat special entry tau. Tentu comel..

M A Janssen said...

Too bad we missed itlah - can you bring us there next year. Terubat sikit kepingin makanan Melayu.

ez said...

Zaza, gambar2 tu semua tak keluar le.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ajzie: yes it was indeed! the johor group was in the same generation and they've exchanged lots of words which we havent heard of, it was hillarious!

musliha: we can surely bring you guys next year! have to bring lots of money!!!

orang terkaya yang aku kenal, ez: semalam aku tengok ada. apsal hari ni tak da? tak pe, besok kita tengok ehhh...

(p.s: congratulations! i'm so proud of you!!)


Theta said...

Yeah, I came over to view the pics when you first posted them but couldn't see. Now can see how you roughly look like ;)

Where's the double chin? Takde pun ;)

yaya said...

ahh baru ler nampak zaza and aidan, for the first time, clear view! hehehee...sorry all of your pictures were a bit dark as they were indoor, can't see much of you:) and you look great za. aidan is so chubby, pipi berlabuh! geram nyer.