Thursday, 21 June 2007


Woensdag, 20 Juni

There were 33 candles on midnight, marking my husband's birthday. Mijn liefste turned 33. what makes this person so special? everyone who knows him would probably have diffrerent things to say about him. everyone who knows him well will know how special he is, in his own ways of course. but here's what we think of him (after taking only the gist of it)

Mum: "the coolest guy!"
Dad: "wonderfully dependable in every way"
My sister, fifi who's heavily pregnant: "very meticulous person, very patient with a soft heart"
My wacky brother in law, redza: "A really nice genuine typical bloke that fits in anywhere! and so am i!" (we agree!! same goes for you too redz!!)

Me? he is full of love and more. and i am extrermely proud to be his wife.

Last but not least, Aidan (who turns 9 months today). this was what he thought of his papa (taken on the morning of hardy's birthday whilst trying to get up, and later that day in town).

To my mother in laws: thank you mama for giving birth to a beautiful person 33 years ago, who turned out to be a wonderful man to all of us. thank you for taking care and showered him with all your motherly love. thank you mummy for all the love you've shared, the care you showed and given to this amazing husband of mine.



M A Janssen said...

Belated birthday wishes from us here in Kampung Daniken. Hope you had a good day with all in the family.

d a y a t s s said...

Happy Birthday Hardy !!

boleh tak.. aku pun dok ikut Aidan menglekek bile kena agah dgn hardy.. hihih.. so cuttttttttttttttttteee !! errr.. Aidan of course =D

Linad said...

yat, lama tak dengar perkataan MENGLEKEK tu.....

linad said...

anyway happy belated birthday to aidan's daddy....

zaza, u r good in words..i like the way you express yourself to your loved one!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

all in kg daniken: i cant wait to see you again! and guess what? aidan kept saying da-da-da-da lately! wait till he meets dahlia! ;) hhaha..

dayat & k.linad: apa menglekek?!?! tak tau!!


k.ct said...

for hardy,semoga Allah pjgkan umur, murahkan rezeki dan sentiasa bahagia di sisi zaza n aidan......Amin.

yat...k.ct rasa its tak?

zaza...melekek tu mcm ketawa jenis sound yg tune kechik..normally for babys kita ckp dorang ketawa tu..melekek...(sori la klu tsalah exlain..hehehe..)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

k.ct: on behalf of hardy, thank you for the well wishes.

by the way, kalau melekek tu kita tau! menglekek tu tak pernah dengar! yat, kau cakap bahasa apa eh? :P hehehe...


d a y a t s S said...

mengelekek la koranggg ... :P

melekek tu cam melekit² je bunyi dia.. hehe.. wa pu che tau...

tapi betol la mcm k.ct explen tu gak.. tp more to like.. non stop constant laughing akibat kegelian hati sgt.. ha ha.. BM ku hancuss !!

yes k.linad.. i agreed with u too.. zaza's good at expressing & acknowledging her loved ones.. membuatkan kite semua pun turut merasakannya.

Anonymous said...

The three of us here in Sittard would like to wish your husband a very happy belated birthday. Hope you guys had a great day celebrating it. Rozie & Family

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

yat: melekek la yang oii. bm aku A1!! hahaha... nanti aku try tengok kamus dewan.

my dears yat and k.linad, thank you for the compliments, but i'm sure you guys will express the same way too! ;)

rozie: there's more reasons to celebrate 20th of june every year!!! a belated happy birthday to natasha! sending you guys lots and lots of love. we'll meet again once we're back from the uk!

(p.s: rozie & musliha, i've been practicing driving!!!)


Yummy said...

hepi belated besday tuyu abg hardy!
anyway, kak za..kak fi da due ke lom? kak na da ek???