Wednesday, 9 May 2007

A Little Dream

I've just heard the news that belgian Kim Clijsters had announced her retirement, at the age of 23. i'm not really a fan of hers but i must say she's one of the players who definitely has the potential to win more than one Grand Slam. many would criticise her decision to retire at a young age, but if you ask me, a reason to start a family and care for her family's a good enough reasons for her to hang the racquet. clearly, she's not after the earnings, titles and throphies.

I suppose she had spend more than enough days on the courts, hitting balls over the net, perfecting her strokes and serves, and living out of a suitcase. i can only imagine. it was once my dream to go on a circuit, check into hotels with my tennis bags, be fit as other female tennis players (sharapova would be nice). but that's all gone now. it's too late. my tennis days are over. i wasnt that good anyway...

I will hopefully introduce aidan to tennis young. just like my parents did to me some 25 years ago. i hope he'll pick up the sport, love it, and win french open! why roland garros? well, he saw nadal and federer played at the french last year (well, ok, not actually saw but perhaps heard and feel, since he was in my tummy), and there's a good tennis club with clay courts near our home. but i wouldnt mind him winning wimbledon.. (his dad wants to start him off playing football and golf). but frankly, we dont mind any sport he chooses.. just make sure it's a safe sport!

Cant wait to get him his first tennis racquet!

(picture of me at roland garros last year - 5+mhts pregnant with aidan)



irina said...

i had that little dream tooo! winning wimbledon! sigh..... keep on dreaming irina!!! hahaha too late now. i saw kim clijsters & layton rod lever arena..they were so sweet together.. but cant beat Andre agassi & steffi graf! :)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

they're no longer together. hewitt's now with that ex home & away actress. yeah la, agassi and steffi are perfect! i bet you anak dia sure serve power gila kalau dah start main tennis!


Theta said...

Stumbled upon your blog while hopping from one to the other.
I'm in Delft - a baby in tow as well - accompanying my hubby doing his Masters. I looked up Sittard on the map and it's near Maastricht and the border to Germany.
Hope you are doing great over there.
Just excited to find a fellow blogging Malaysian in the Netherlands!

Take care!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

hey theta! thanks for visiting! i've just realised your comment! so bad la me. delft's beautfiul! we were there last year! the 3 of us are doing great, thank you! and hope same goes to you too! yep, sittard's near maastricht and we're close to both germany and belgium. do come and visit us when you're here.. or.. perhaps we should meet up at den haag for the malaysian fest next month? what say you?