Tuesday, 1 May 2007


YES! i definitely have Lily of the Valley in my garden!! lots of them!!

Lily of the Valley or botanically known as Convallaria Majalis, grows from mid march to may. this white bell shaped flower emit a delicious fragrance! i can actually smell them from my front door!

If you're curious on how they smell, Crabtree & Evelyn carries a wide range of this petite flower products from soaps to eau de parfum. i simply adore the brand.

It signifies "return to happiness", or according to wikipedia, the meaning of this flower is "you will find happiness". i certainly have found my happiness, and hope we will be happy in our new home.

Definitely a spring pleasure!



Irina said...

Lily of the Valley ..aaa bestnyaaaaaaa!!!!!!! :)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

irina, if only i can send some back home! it's really is nice, kecik je pokok ngan bunga dia!


Mum said...

Hi Dek,
I told you so that the flower is definitely "Lily of the Valley", you bought at SSF and put them in a big mug (with the same flower) at Romantica and placed them in your room back home, remember? Your are so lucky to have them in your garden!! Who would expect that!! Lucky you!!