Thursday, 15 November 2007

Romantic Hearts

Hardy swept me off my feet since day one. and he still makes me all warm, mushy and fuzzy till today (and i hope it stays for the rest of our lives!) . He leaves a note everytime he goes on his business trips, by the bedside, underneath the duvet. he planned a treassure hunt and hid all gifts for me to scout on my birthday, and not to mention few others, which i will keep them private. but the most romantic moment that i will always always remember and treassure was the day he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. it was just so special (regardless where the event took place! haha). it was the way he said it, the words he choose, the timing, the situation we were in and the tone of his sincerity.

Another romantic one in my family is dad. both my parents love gardening, loves plants. he once bought 25 species of roses for mum on their 25th wedding anniversary. flowers for her birthday, without fail, even during hard financial times, he peels off kuaci for mum, he peels off pistachios for her, spoons the food to her plate, opens the car door and closes it for her, and (dont tell anyone this), he once wrote mum a very very long letter during their long 5 year courtship.

Our husbands are total romantics! and arent we lucky! romance keeps relationships alive, romance makes it more interesting, romance makes it work, romance keeps the love going, romance will make you feel young, romance makes us feel loved, cared and remembered. romance will fill your heart with love.

We all need a little bit of romance now and then. and everyone will benefit out of it too i'm sure. if you need help in that department, you certainly can get help from mills and boons! they have the best range of Romance Novels , with compelling love stories that will capture you and your hearts, engaging characters, all made alive. from modern to historical, and not to mention medieval, where romance are lived and love guaranteed!

What are your romantic experiences?

I should stock up more books to warm me up this winter! perhaps you should too!



Rita Ho said...

Good recommendation, Z. I grew up reading Mills & Boons and picked up numerous tips and tricks on the romantic front. Hehehe ... but most of all, my English and dialogue improved to new levels. I even learnt how to answer an interview question well from one of Lilian Peake's novels.

Great stuff!

PS ... will they pay me for this comment?? LOL!

Wiz said...

Gosh Zaza, I did all the things your hubby did to my husband. Normally the romantic gestures are often done by the wives, but you are so lucky Zaza to have a husband who indulges in making his wife happy! Mine shows romance in a very masculine way(have yet to fathom his ways) but I take whatever I can get!LOL You actually got married to a character in Mills and Boons, how cool is that?!?

Anonymous said...

You are one of the luckiest! I am still wishing, hoping, dreaming that I get more doses of romance. Hahhaa. Skarang nih, i get to see only on special days jek like birthdays, valentines, anniversaries, mom's day. Little wonder why i am into those romance books. - yaya

anzed said...

soooooo lucky. treasure it mate!must get hardy to teach iz ba. i found out i was getting married thro my mum. iz NEVER proposed :)) he got his parents to do that..

dayatss said...

Syabas Hardy!!.. baguih la hang.. jejaka malaya terakhir.. susah tau nak cari lelaki malaya yg rajin tinggal-tinggalkan notes romantis ini.. hihih...

Za.. both of u deserve each other la.. korang kan so swEeeEeetttttt..

Semoga jodoh u all berpanjangan hingga ke akhir hayat..di kurnai zuriat yang soleh/soleha dan sentiasa di murahkan rezeki.


Salina said...

Dear Zaza,

You are truly blessed Zaza for having a romantic hubby and father and i believe Aidan will grow up inheriting his dad's and grand dad's loving nature. Insyallah!

Like Wiz, i will be doing all the romantic stuff so that the romance won't die! I am a libran - a strong believer of romance!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rita: you know what? i'm so blur at all these, i actually ask hardy - "hey, rita commented on my mills and boon, will she get paid as well?" how duh was i kan? go on.. go on.. laugh! ahahha. my first doing a sponsored post, please excuse me..

seriously.. what was the interview question eh? ;)

wiz: wiz, dia ada hari jugak wiz. he doesnt do it all the time. and i dont think i can stand romance 24/7 anyway! but seriously, he has his days! although i could do with those character's bodies on the cover... hahahahah!! (hope he doesnt read this!)

yaya: i wonder sometimes too, when we want him to be romantic, he's not being romantic pulak! but by the rate we're going, i hope we will say romantics! (i'm a sucker for romance!)

anzed: i think what iz did was the RIGHT way. to ask your hand in marriage from your mum! that's romantic as well la dear! hardy has got his days jugak, he's not romantic hari hari. i guess if we want them to be romantic we'd have to show more romance kot? lemme try first on him and we'll see berjaya ke tak! hehe..

dayat: you're too kind with your words yat. thank you ever so much. i am lucky, grateful indeed. tapi adakalanya kita memerlukan keromantis-an dia, dia tak meromantis kan kita! tapi most of the time memang romantika jugak... i believe ada lelaki lelaki melayu macam gini, cuma belum di-asah aja lagi! haha.. alhamdulillah yat, with all the things i had to go through, i cant stop thanking God for giving me such person.

salina: hey there salina with good taste! ;) my mum's a libran as well! so i know what you mean! hardy's got his days jugak, and its only normal that the girls tend to shower them men with more romance. i shall join you guys in persue to keep the romance alive!!

Anonymous said...

aww H is so romantic, arent you the lucky one Z!


Anonymous said...


i really believe that libran is a strong lover...same goes with my husband which is definitely contrast dengan horoscope aku - aquarius!

And I do agreed that dia orang ada hari2 tertentu nak menunjukkan 'romantika di amor' cuma aku jek kengkadang tu 'rimas' sbb aku memang jenis independent but somehow aku tetap bersyukur coz tuhan 'membalancekan' life aku dengan husband macam ni...

ataupun za......orang2 utara ni memang romantik2 belaka and pandai masak? Am I right??????



Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

tw: he's luckier! i'm the one who cooks his maggi asam laksa just how he likes it and put a box of tissues next to the bowl! hehehe..

ayong: i know of a couple of orang utara yang tak romantic at all! hahah! no need to mention names here but most of my other utara friends are romantic.. esp, my good freinds lenny, faiz. hardy kl, kira utara ka? haha..