Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Have you ever..

Have you ever thought of using this 'space' to send a message across to certain people? have you ever thought of writing your hearts out in this blogsphere to explain the whole story? have you ever thought of telling everyone your side of the story? have you ever thought of pouring everything out in here to what had actually happened? have you ever felt like telling everyone in your 'blog world' that you're not 'that sort of person', or "no, that's not what actually happened"..

I certainly have.

Everyone's gone through bits. people talk. and most of the time they talk bad, or wrongly about some things. some have the wrong impression beacuse they only want to see and believe their side of it. sometimes only one or two cards were laid on the table and the rest they keep in their pockets....

Sometimes i feel like writing and wanting everyone to know what had actually happened, but when my true true inner voice surface, and when my ever so super positive husband's voice gets the better of me, i tend to say this "its not worth it, they're not worth it". it took me a day or two to finally say it though (somtimes longer). i have got to stop analyzing and asking all the whys!

As i was often taught by my parents, and now reminded by my dear husband Hardy - fikir baik, always think of the good in people.

And who am i trying to prove to anyway? it is Him, He can see everything, and listens to everyone. it is Him that is fair and it is Him that you'll answer to later. it is Him that judge us, it is Him who knows what's in our hearts. it is Him that you turn to, it is Him that we seek all the guidance. He knows everything, absolutely everything.

Like Oprah often suggests, write a journal. by this i'm sure she didnt mean an online journal! perhaps i should make my own personal journal on my next craft project! ;)

Happy things! happy thoughts people! always assume the good in people, no matter what they did/do/doing to you (try la eh, i'm doing it now, so can you! if they continue, let them be, just ignore and brush them aside/out of your life. its you who determines your own happiness!!)...

(p.s: che' Hardy, mulia betul la hang ni!!)



Lollies said...

very true. positive thinking is the thing that gets one moving.

I took a long time adjusting not to the climate here but to the Malaysian people here especially the ladies. trust me not there are a lot of stories behind me. I have learned to make don't know but some I do spill it in the blog, many of which i vent it on my lover.

But with positive thinking and niat baik and be yourself and tau bawak diri without losing one's identity, I think I am ok now. maybe still ada story but I learn to brush it off. hard but bolehlah.

Anonymous said...

life's like a mirror. org yg mulia, dapat lah pasangan yg mulia juga. i m just happy..content more likely everything abt u now is what u hv seek for in life.. happy, merry, loved, cared, complete. Guilt still remains, as one cannot run from the past.

Wiz said...

Have I ever? all the time Zaza, all the time.

Will I ever? I have tried writing it down intending to email blast it, but something happened, it didn't get emailed. It made me think, it wasn't meant to be. And so I continue with my life, with the littlest things I have and the biggest smile on my face.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

lollies: i dont have anything against malays but somehow when there are too many, and a few yang tak sekepala, it gets a little bit.. i dunno.. whats the right word for it eh? i can only image what you had to go through but i'm sure you've handled it well. i'd love to spill everything out here but sometimes hardy's voice gets to me and i just say, whats the point. but i know it'll help if i'd write! hehe. perhaps not in here. hard kan? but we'll try la eh...
i so agree with you, bawak diri, and niat baik is the most important thing.

wiz: it surely wasnt meant to be then! it was a sign perhaps? like you, sometimes i want to blas them off as well, sometimes dah terlepas.. sometimes i'm struggling to control them. and sometimes, i succeed!
keep on smiling my dear! and i shall do the same as well!