Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Last couple of years when we were building our house, we needed to find all sorts of things and furnishings. the place that we often go to is called Woonboulevard, in Heerlen. its like a centre where there's more than 30 huge stores for one to shop for one's woon (living). there's DIY centres, kitchen centres, bath and bed centres, lightings, floorings.. you name it! imagine you're building your house from scratch, and you have to find all sorts of things to make it a home. thus my point - we go there quite A LOT!
We've been passing this road (see picture), everytime we go to the boulevard. and just opposite the centre, there's a KFC. (bearing in mind, i was pregnant with Aidan at that time). everytime i pass that KFC, i began to drool. Hardy even had to drive to HFC (Halal Fried Chicken) in Brussels, an hour away from us, just so that i can eat my Kentucky-like Fried Chicken! (that only happens twice in the period of 9 months).
During our last trip to Maastricht, we passed another KFC. Hardy straight away said -" i'm gonna call the HQ and ask if their chicken are halal". he called. and they confirmed it. YES it is halal. all their products except their tiny chicken pops (what do they call them?). those little pops come from a UK supplier. everything else is halal. they confirmed that all KFC in the Netherlands are halal and you can ask instore for the certification of halal. i jumped and jumped and jumped. Early this week, just to reconfirm, Hardy emailed them to ask of the same query. they replied Hardy's email and confirmed it again! this time in writing. Yippeeyayeyy!!
Why la didnt we called them earlier?!
tak ada rezeki namanya..
Well, i could last 2 years of not eating KFC! during craving period pulak tu! if i can beat the craving.. i can beat anything! hahaha...
(Oh, and if you're wondering, what's with the title, Kip is chicken in dutch! cute kan?)


Cat Cat said...

I thought semua KFC around the world halal, bukan??? I could be wrong la... But I'm glad you can go makan KFC more often now.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

this is great news ZaZa, thx for sharing! i am jumping for joy too! heehee

Anonymous said...

Zaza, I was at KFC Venlo last Sunday and I saw the HALAL certificate framed and hanging on the wall inside, next to the counter where you order your food. So the next time you could check their walls out! I'm also a die-hard KFC fan! Welcome to the club! Years ago, I wanted to write to them to ask them to open one in Roermond! Gila, kan?
Love, Melvis

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

cat: serious ke cat? where did you hear about this? kalau betul, fuhyoooooo!

mush: this is great news indeed!!

melvis: ye ke? you saw their cert? we went into several KFC but there wasnt any cert hanging on their walls. thats why kita tak makan KFC dah 2 tahun! haha. i know for sure in heerlen and in maastricht they tak hang the cert! but we will ask for them! why sini tak banyak KFC eh? or is it just around limburg je tak banyak? sittard pon tak ada, heerlen's the closest. if you happen to write to them about opening one in roermond, ask them to open one in sittard too eh? hehe ;) hope all is well! ;)


mommy@lif said...

hehehe good thing now you can eat KFC whenever you feel like it. but anyway, is the taste the same? my bro said KFC yang kat indoensia not as tasty as malaysia's..

anyway, i pon terpikir the other day kalau i duduk luar sure susah lah.. i melayu punya perut.. and will surely miss my mom's cooks :p

toughcookie said...

waahh!! Kfc rules!!!


I am Ann said...

hey thats great! all the more reasons to visit holland then. hehe...

Lollies said...

wow! halal kip in the netherlands! apa lagi mari kita makan KFC!!

Theta said...

Dang it! Miss the chance to eat those special value meals when we were there!

Never mind...there'd next time! :D

Anonymous said...

Lucky you za! they don't make halal KFC in the States. Now you can always take time off from cooking, knowing that you'll have a finger licking good meal at KFC! -yaya

dayatss said...

ive told k.sid (kakak singaporean yg married dutch from rotterdam tuu)... dia amat tertekan sekali...huhhuhu.. sepanjang2 dia dok holland tak tahu menahu pun pasal ni..

Kak Elle said...

thats good news kalau masa di amsterdam in june mmg dah bedal KFC...hehehe

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

mommy@lif: its difficult living abroad when it comes to food. but alhamdulillah, we have (almost) everything here. belacan, petai, semua ada but of course, no one cooks like mum kan? (and in my case, mum and dad!)

will give my ratings on KFC soon! hehe.. but pelik la if msia ngan indonesia nye tak sama! they should use the same things kan?)

Cookie: yeah!! KFC rules!!! woohoooo!

ann: hey! you guys are back?! raya sakan eh! yep, more reasons for you to come! kfc kita halal! tapi jauh sikit la, kat bandar kita tak ada!

lollies: memang nak daip la nih! i no longer droll watching kfc's ad on telly!

theta: why wait for you to come here and eat kfc! malaysia nye ada whipped potatoes!!! go there now!! haha..

yaya: sure states nye tak halal ke? we all assume sini nye tak halal for 2 years! should have called them earlier! its nice to take some time off the kitchen, yes! but our kfc ni jauh sikit. 20 mins by car. but i'd sanggup drive all the way kalau dah ngidam.. haha..

dayat: alamak kesiannya k.sid!!! now when she comes back here, boleh makan ehh... perhaps she can check the one in leeds? halal ke tak? who knowS!

k.elle: nanti k.elle datang lagi nanti boleh bedal ehh!! but not the popcorn chicken tau!