Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Secret Millionaire

No... i'm not one of them. although i wish i am.

This is a TV programme. a programme that will touch everyone's hearts. this is a programme that is so inspiring and all will be humbled by.

For ten days the millionaires leave their welthy lifestyle behind and go undercover to live in some of the UK's toughest areas. they'd live in a council home with only necessities. much much lesser than what they're used to. they conceal true identities of themselves in search for those people that they think deserve their help. they would only reveal their secret and offer them their help on the last day.

They talk to real life people with real problems, they get their hands dirty in doing some of the roughest and toughest jobs - cleaning toilets, hard labour etc. couple of weeks ago, one parted with their money amounting up to half a million. what humbled me most was they themselves was so overwhelmed by the whole experience. some went back to their roots. they themselves realise that they can live without having expensive wallpaper on their walls, they can live without having 10 cars in their garages, they can live without having a 40inch plasma tv and realised how lucky their children are, privillaged to have such luxury.

Tonight, they featured a 27 year old millionaire. i'm not kidding you. he's so young he looks like he just finished high school! he volunteered as a youth worker at Hackney, London. like other millionaires in this series, he too gave quite a substantial amount of money this week. read about Ben Way here and here.

Been watching the programme since last season. each episode never fail to make me cry. this show contains real tenderness, and real joy, or perhaps i'm such a softie and a real sucker for such 'reality tv'. some might argue that this is just one of the ways that the millionaires are paying off their debts to society, another way they're 'marketing' themselves, but i sincerely do feel that they are genuine people. genuine in helping and giving. and everytime i watch the show, i feel guilty having more than them, the less fortunate. i feel there's more that i can do to help them, the less fortunate. i feel that what i have now is more than enough. i feel that i shoud go out and do charity work.

I feel blessed.

How thankful we are today to have what we have and to be where we're at. we will give what we can and we will try to live our life modestly and unselfishly (although sometimes it can be quite tough with the boxing day sale coming, etc) but we shall try our darnest best. but nonetheless, we're always, always thankful and grateful.

New season of The Secret Millionaire on Channel4 (UK tv) every Wednesday at 9pm GMT.



Cat Cat said...

Sounds like a very good show to watch... I like reality show... My favourite is Survivor and American Idol..

Kak Shasha said...

Macam best je show tu ek? Kat sini tak de la.....Errmmmm....may i know who is Azjie? The answer to your question....i'm very proud to say.....i have 4 kids(2 boys 2 girls) n can't have anymore....don't worry za......hhheee....hhhheeeee......
Kak Shasha

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

ah darn it Z! i dont get that channel here but if i do, i bet i'd be glued to it too! keep us posted about the young dude ok!

Salina said...

Zaza thanks for informing about the show. I am not about the show though i am in the UK. No you are not a softie. It's just that you can emphatise with other people's sufferings and i believe you do have a great heart!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

cat: it is a good show. surely cry! i used to watch the amazing race. i think they're awesome!! and yes, american idol as well!! we're now following the x factor (british's version of idol).

k.shasha: best! malaysia should have a show like this lah! a lot of millionaires kan in malaysia!
ajzie is k.azi ex sigs, your batch. but not k.azi clickers! hahaha.. clickers!! peewit!

mush: you'd surely cry too mush!

salina: you're always too kind with your words salina. and i believe you have the same as well! lets watch it tomorrow k?!