Monday, 26 November 2007

2 Years & Counting

It was a beautiful day my old house No.21 Jalan Emas, JB. a simple union witnessed by only the closest family members and friends. Although 2 very important people couldnt attend our nikah, but the phone was close to me, and at one point, in my hand, and she listened to us from the beginning of the ceremony (i love you kakak & redza).

We had to bring forward our nikah as Hardy's current company had invited us over for a familiarization week in Holland. we flew to Holland the next morning for our "paid honeymoon". the journey started from then on. a journey full, full of exciting challanges.

We spent our 1st wedding anniversary at the hospital, the emergency room. Aidan had severe eczema. with Aidan now fully recovered and all are well, we hope to spend this year's differently.

2 years today. 2 beautiful, wonderful years. i couldnt ask for more.

Here's to Hardy...

How do i begin to tell you how lucky i am to have you in my life,
I'll start by saying what an honour it is to me to be your wife.
You're my best friend in good times,
and my rock in times of sorrow.
You're the reason for lovely yesterdays,
and my promise for tomorrow.
I never thought I could feel this loved until I became your wife.
You made last year and this year the best years of my life.
May all the coming years be as happy and all cherry. today, tomorrow, and every day after, wishing us more love and laughter.
To my dearest husband, my rock, my socks, my sun and my fun..
Happy 2nd Anniversary. With all my love.


Theta said...

Aww, how sweet!

Though I haven't met you in person, I can tell that you guys are such a lovely couple.

May Allah bless you both with marital bliss for eternity, insyaAllah!

Cat Cat said...

Happy Anniversary and many more to come...

k.ct said...

happy anniversary..


Kak Shasha said...

Zaza n hardy,
Happy Anniversary to the sweet and lovely couple. May your marriage always be blessed with heaps of love, wonderful things and happiness in the years to come...... Amin.... Love both of u very much!
Love, Kak Shasha

Anonymous said...

Our Dearest Adik and Hardy,
A very Happy 2nd Anniversary to the both of you. We still remember the time when we sat with our ears glued to the phone listening to the akad nikah! How we wish we were there. But we prayed for all the happiness in the world for the both of you.
We love you three very much and at this moment, we are missing all of you!
Lots of love, hugs and kisses, Kakak, Redza and Ferran.

Aidan's Papa said...

I love you too, you gave me so much love and now I find it hard to handle my love's just expanding left and right!

You've always been my rock, my slurpie, my alarm clock and my maggie mee....!


ajzie said...

Dear Zaza

Happy 2nd Anniversary to the both of you and many more to come.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to the sweetest couple!


ps beautiful rings!

zuraida said...

Happy anniversary! Semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat. Insyallah. Amin

Frankensteina said...

Happy Anniversary you both! :)

abd by the way bebeh you've been tagged ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey darlings! Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary! Aku doakan agar sentiasa dibanjiri rahmat Allah dan dikurniakan rezeki yang halal, berkat dan melimpah-limpah ;-)))!!! We love you guys so dearly.

-Ez, Adam, Rahil, Imaan-

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

theta: thank you dear. hope to meet you one day, insyaallah.

cat: thanks cat!!

k.ct: thak you!!

k.shasha: thank you so much! thanks for those lovely wish, we hope and pray the same for you guys too. sending you all our love!

kakak, redza: thank you so much for always being there for us. thank you for all those talks, thank you for all those lectures, thank you for understanding! we wish you the same happiness, if not more. love and miss you guys so much! see you next month!

ferran: thank you che ferran. nanti tante chom ngan gigit pipi che ferran bulan depan eh. nanti boleh lonjak lonjak ngan aidan!! we love you very much!

aidan's papa: hahaha!! love handle left and right means theres more to love! what maggi flavour am i eh? i doubt i'm your asam laksa or tom yam!

ajzie: thank you very much!

tw: i can still remember the day we got the rings. one of the happiest days of our lives. and the happiest was when we put them on each other's fingers! thank you dear for the wish.

k.zue: thank you for the sms. thank you for remembering. thank you for being part of it.

frankie: thank you! oh no, i dont do tags! terok eh? but wait, lemme check on your site first, what its all about....

ez & family: thank you dear. thanks for being there on our special day. thanks for everything, thanks for listening and thanks for being our friend, and our friend in need. all our love!


zara's mama said...

Happy Anniversary Zaza.

Lollies said...

awwwwww, you guys are a lovey dovey couple. and that is soo beautiful.

happy anniversary both of you and many more to come.

Puteri said...

Happy anniversary! :-) Wishing you many, many more!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

zara&zaria's mama: thank you dear!

lollies: lovey dovey ey? my sister says we're quite jiwang! haha. thank you so much for the wish! not too worry about sya k? (so cute la!)

puteri: heyyy! thank you ever so much! :) keep on making those earings and bags!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated anniversary to the two of you and many more to come! Groetjes, Rozie

Sab@Nina said...

Happy 2nd anniversary to the Lovely Couple!

How time flies huh? To lots more anniversaries to come - insya Allah!

Love from Sabreena, Iskandar, Aemir & Baby-in-the-tummy (kekekek)

toughcookie said...

you both are lucky to have found each other. but i think (being biased here..) hardy is luckier to have found you. congratulations, dear.

Aidan's Papa said...

toughcookie: definitely, absolutely the very correct.....

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

hi zaza! Happy 2nd Anniversary to you and hardy.... May both of you be blessed with eternal happiness, everlasting love and of course mountains of success...

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

Rozie: thank you very much dear! hope you guys have recovered from the jetlag and hope to see you soon!

sab@nina: CONGRATULATIONSSSSS!!! i am soooo happy for you guys! aemir's gonna be an abang! glad first trimester is over for you! enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! all our love! we'll keep in touch k? love, hugs and kisses!

cookie: thank you so much j. we are indeed very lucky to have found each other. i suppose the timing was all right! God is great, just as i was about to get my whole life back on track, hardy came into my life. we wish you and acat all the love in the world! hugs and kisses!

aidan's papa: awww... after the present, i think i'm the lucky one! (although you got a better chair).

anis: thank you, the best wish anyone could ever wish. we wish you the same, of course!