Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The Sound of Music

I heard all the fuss about iPods. at one time, Hardy even asked me whether i would like to have one. i said no (give me a pair of scissors, a stack of coloured papers, a roll of ribbon and a bag full of buttons i'd jump and say yes, but not an iPod!). i then asked him, if he would like one. and he said, nope.

Half a year ago, Hardy attended a convention. he came back with an iPod nano. he had won a lucky draw. we were thrilled to have this really cool thing, its so SO light, groovy and so cool. it became hardy's new toy for about 3 days. he had downloaded some songs and happily brought it here and there. it then died off, no, not the Ipod, but the thrill. i didnt even have a go at it!
We then dont know what to do with it anymore. its just this thing, and this thing just sits on the table, next to our laptop. we didnt even pick it up! it just sits there!

We no longer watch MTV. we will tuned to Bliss on Sky. Bliss is actually a music television channel playing classic hits, pop songs from the 70s, 80s and early 90s. and we happily humm or sing to almost all the songs played!

Are we getting old? how come iPods are not attractive to us. i know some people who'd love to have a nano, saving up to get one. but here we are, we dont know what to do with it!

Well anyway, just to share with you, what i'm currently listening. Apart from listening a lot of dutch songs on dutch radio (i love Marco Borsato by the way), i'm currently into Leona Lewis, last year's winner of british show X Factor (brits version of american idol). her album's definitely worth the wait after a year winning the show.
I'm a big big fan. i believe she's going to be the next big thing. just hear her, look at her and listen to her singing live. she sang our favourite song - the first time ever i saw your face, originally by Robetta Flack beautifully, and the best remake, even better than Celine's version.
My favourite Leona's songs, apart from robetta's: I will be, Better In Time and Bleeding Love.
Love it!


Anonymous said...

iPod's good when you're on the tube though. i like roberta flack's songs too! i gotstogo itunes to listen to leona now now now!


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

quick! download leona now! you can hear it on your iPod when you're on the tube tomorrow! (assuming you go to work by tube!) heheh..


Sab@Nina said...

AGREED! When the iPod was released, I never saw the need for it -unlike the handphone!

I guess our source of Music comes from the TV channels, the ever-classic RADIO and we hardly ever need to travel on the tube!!hehhehe

And i must get a hold of Leona's album - must be good!


Cat Cat said...

Bagi aje Ipod tu kat Cath... Senang cerita.. HAHA!

Akmal said...

Kak Zaza,
Thanks for your visit to my site(",)
Hey, iPod! Always wanted to have one. But I just grab a Creative Neeon for myself. Good enough for me to enjoy celine's and bon jovi's and scorpion's songs.
I got a friend who is simply obsessed with iPod. Name the version; any version, he have it.
Leona? I rarely follow the music, but as people said that it is worth listening, I'll make a go on it(",).

Good day(",).

U.Lee said...

Hello Zaza, noticed your comment over at Akmal's. Regret to read Rita Ho not feeling well.
Hope she's recovered as have not heard from her, was wondering where she is.
You have a nice day, UL.

Lollies said...

I am not a fan of it either. I find it a nuisance to have something bombarded unto my ear while so much is happening outside. having said that, i found perhaps one good use to it, even though I've never done it (no ipod nor any mp3 player,, is she practice her quran hafazan by playing the sorah over and over again.

Wiz said...

All I can say is gimmme gimmme gimmme gimmme gimmme gimmme!

Frankensteina said...

Me thinks me getting older too. IPod is just not appealing to me at all.


U.Lee said...

Hi ZaZa, just to quote a Canadian Native words, "woman, you speak words come from heart".
Thank you for your eloquent are like the wind beneath my wings, ZaZa.
You keep well and be seeing you.
ps, I'm presently constructing from my old diaries an old and a very unusual experience, in a way motivated by you. Thank you, Lee.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

sab: its good! get those headphones to the tummy too eh! hehe..

cat: hahhaha! tu kena tanya hardy!

akmal: i bet you those neeon are good enough for more celine and bon jovi. and thank you for visiting us here as well. you write really good akmal. such a warm person and i can tell by the writing! here's wishing you well, always!

lollies: i dont like stuffing things in my ears as well. the only thing i stuff in them are cotton buds! heheh.. i might as well listen to aidan giggling than an ipod!

wiz: i like that song... who sang it.. gimme gimme gimme...

frankie: its really comforting to know that i'm not the only one! hahaha..

lee: stop it!! stop it will you... this is just too much! i've never had such an impact on anybody in this blogworld ever before! thats the nicest compliment anyone could ever get coming from such a fine person like yourself! wrap warm and we'll see you in the moonlight!


Anonymous said...

How are you ??? it has been a while since I last visited here.
Been busy !. It's only 2 weeks away till I reach the landwithplentyofrainandcold.
And I still havent packed a thing.

Anyway, I heart Leona. Ive seen her thru Youtube, and of course there's no Leona's cd nor single here in bloody Sydney. Am getting her album soon.

Take Care !

- rini -

Wiz said...

Oh, it's a song by wiz, gimmme gimmme gimmme your Ipod baby, oh gimmme gimme give it to me, yeah! The whole song runs that way.