Thursday, 1 November 2007

De Herfst

Everytime when i sit on the toilet seat i go "waaaaagghh".

Almost every tree are either red, yellow or orange, some no leaves left.

The grounds are covered with dried brown leaves.

It gets dark at 5pm.

We went to Roermond to change our car tyres to winter tyres.

Our electricity bill and heating bill will now start to hit its peak.

We now have to wear our jackets, and wrap ourselves up when we go out.

Therefore, taking an extra 5 mins to go out, and another 5 mins more for aidan!

We will feel heavier now that we have at least 3 layers of clothing to wear.

Late night shopping on Thursdays means shopping in the cold now.. therefore we're not tempted to go...

Shops now keep their doors close, therefore you'd have to push them when you want to go in. (quite a task when you're on your own, and the doors are small and have a stroller to push)

Trying on a piece of clothing in the fitting rooms are now not such a good idea coz you'd have to take each layer out. it will take you twice the time compared to a couple of months ago.

We are now feeling the 'change', we're now with sore throats, we sneeze quite a bit and aidan now has a little bit of a flam.

The clock went backward by an hour last weekend for us. so we gained an extra hour of sleep!

Capturing photos of my food wont be up to my level of satisfactory for my craftsandcooks blog coz now there's less of day light and i have to use the flash.

No more sitting at the cafes, on the decks..

Hardy does not cycle with aidan every evening anymore..

We will start drinking more hot drinks now compared to last few months.

We will no longer eat ice cream.

We will be very lazy to walk to town or to the park and will depend more on the car!

Away goes our tshirts, capris, shorts and in goes long sleeves, sweaters and polonecks.

Lotions.. lotions.. lotions for our dry skin...

Back to boots and no more sandals.

Now when i'm under the duvet, i'll go ""

We now gonna have to change to doube duvet.

Time to stock up lots of my crafty bits, lots of time will be spent indoors from now on..

Christmas lights are up!

I'd jump for joy and clap my hands when i see a glimps of sunlight!

This is Autumn.

honestly, it is beautiful!


toughcookie said...

that is such a beautiful pix.

you know... where you are, life seems so fulfilling and happy cos i just read this survey of happy people, holland came out tops among a handful number of other europian countries...

ermmm... amik la gambo si kecik tu kena bungkuih...

ajzie said...

Perut pun selalu laparrrrrrr..wargggg..... sebab sejukkkkk..hihihiih

zara's mama said...

Luckily it's after the Ramadhan month.. (I can't imagine if you are cold and you need to fast).

Btw, I tagged you.

Cat Cat said...

I agree with you... no more SANDAL... HUHUHU!!! Summer is GONE!!!! WAWAWAWA!!!!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Hi ZaZa,

we r back from vacationing, still too tired to update our blogs, at the mo, am busy playing catch up on all the Dutch lessons i've missed, also hv to study for a big test next week! bummer! hv a great weekend and happy autumn, its my fav season! = )


Anonymous said...

I love the autumn colours, very pretty kan.


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

toughcookie: life here i suppose is quite 'balanced'. holland came up tops for a suitable place to raise and bring up kids as well! its very peaceful here. where we are, its quieter than in big cities like amsterdam and den haag. we now know why we have to pay such high taxes! but i do have a problem with the medical profession and some facilites here. malaysian doctors are wayyyy better, trust me! will take some photos of aidan kena bungkuih just for you k?!

k.azi: betul betul!!!!! hari sejuk perut cepat lapar!! bahaya kan?

zara&zaria's mama: actually, i'd prefer to fast during winter and the cold season. we break fast early at 4ish-5ish!! summer long time to wait till we can break our fast!

cat: leceh you know have to sarung sarung and pasang ni pasang tu in winter! so many things to wear!

mush: you're backkkk!! been checking your blog dah 2 weeks dah! good to know you guys are safe back at home. do rest and write when you have the time! autumn is beautiful indeed! good luck catching up with all the lessons!

tw: they are very pretty indeed! how's autumn in london? snap any good pictures at the wharf?

mommy@lif said...

subhanallah... did you take the picture yourself? memang cantikkkkkk!! enjoy the autumn :)

Wiz said...

Would love to experience autumn. Love all the colours it lend to the landscape.

Ranee said...

Hullo Za,
To prevent sore throat, put a bowl of water in all the rooms. This prevents dehydration. Hope this helps.