Monday, 29 October 2007

Mijn Zus - 35 Vandaag

My sister, my friend, my pal, my best friend.
My advisor, my strength, my confidant, my helping hand.
She defines the word beauty,
She's very strong and witty,
Although sometimes can be moody,
But she's our absolute sweety.

For all the memories we've shared,
and for all the dreams we've yet to share,
I thank you for making my world, my life, a meaningful one.

We love you loads, And miss you tonnes,

We wish you all the love and joy by the bus and truck loads,

And hope you'll have fun!

Thanks for giving, for sharing, for listening and caring,
Now go and have your usual morning hot lemon tea and we'll give you a ring!
Een heel fijne dag voor jouw, en gefeliciteerd met hopelijk vandaag jouw mooie verjaardag!

Happy Birthday Fi! May all your dreams come true!
You're the best sister anyone could ever have,
you're our star,
way above par,
i hope you know how wonderful you are,
we love you more eventhough you're slightly far!

With all our love,
Adik, Hardy & Aidan


Cat Cat said...

Happy Birthday to your sister.

She's a very pretty lady.

Kak shasha said...

Happy bday fi.....zaza has said it all. Loves from us......shasha n fmly

Anonymous said...

shhh lok soo chinees laaa. butt my mumy iss teh mos be u t fool chinees woo ment. mee lovv mee mumy soo muoch. ferran

Rita Ho said...

Adding my own birthday greetings to your sister. She has very strong Scorpion traits and they show in those lovely photos. Is she the one with Volvo??

dayatss said...

Happy Birthday k.fifi.. =)

pSst.. za.. ape secret k.fifi ni awets mude ?? aku tgk dari high school sampai skrg dia tetap mentenss.. iSskk...

Anonymous said...

Looks good for 40 doesn't she!! Happy Birthday Fifi... Ian

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aidan's Aunt!

Ajzie said...

Happy Birthday Fifi...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday kak fifi!

Ye lah, betul kata dayat, mmg awet muda, tak berubah since school! Nih sure beauty secret satu family nih...hehhee. yaya

Rita Ho said...

She's 40????????

Frankensteina said...

Happy 35th Birthday Fifi. Oh boy, that looking younger than your age genes are sure running well in your family

Ish jealous :P

zara's mama said...

Tht's such a nice post for her..

I notice she looks like your mum..

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

On behalf of my sister, allow me to thank each and every single one of you for the kind words and the birthday wish!

she does look young indeed! and yes she's the eldest, i'm the youngest, and i look older than her. i have got to start eating those vitamin e's!

toIan: you meanie little thing you!)

to Rita: dont trust that Ian!! my sister's 35!! and yes, she's the one with volvo. and so is Ian!

to ferran: me love your mummy too eventhough you guys look chinesy unlike me! :) muah muah muahh

Rita Ho said...

Z ... I wouldn't have guessed 35 either. She looks mid-twenties at most. :)