Sunday, 4 November 2007

Aidan's New Space

Aidan woke up this morning and found a new 'working place' specially for him!

We went to the ever reliable and affordable Ikea on Saturday, after our usual morning shopping at the Geleen market. got a table and 2 tiny cute little chairs, a playing rug, and a storage place for his toys. Hardy put them all together within mins that night, Aidan was already in bed.

And today... earlier this morning, he found out he has a new 'office'. its about time we gave him his own space where he can play and mess with his toys, rather then messying up the whole living room. we're now trying to teach him to sit on a chair, a little bit too early considering he's just 13+months old, but we will be supervising. i think i should be implemeting what we taught at the montessori - one toy at a time, to increase his level of concentration and work within your boundaries, to help to minimize the mess! we'll see if that will work! (wish me luck!)



Cat Cat said...

I love IKEA... Dulu masa tinggal kat KL, every weekend mesti shopping kat Ikea Bandar Utama... Tak jemu2.
Kat sini, Ikea terdekat - kat Potomac Mills - about an hour away... Leceh betul...

mommy@lif said...

yay!! looks like Aidan is enjoying his teddy bear company to the max :) didn't even notice the camera pun.

wahh such a big playing space for himself. i'd like to create one for alif but due to our pigeon's hole space constraint tak boleh lah..

Wiz said...

I wouldn't mind having a space like Aidan's, wouldn't mind at all!

I love looking at how children at his age work with their hands, so adorable!

dayatss said...

za.. mcmane nak implement concept 'one toy at a time' to the kids ?? esp when there are other toys in the room? susah tu kan??

feel so tempting to sit together with aidan .. tapi sayang kursi itu sangat kicit.. menangis bapaknyee kang.. penat2 pasang ade orang patahkan pulak.. nyeheheh

zuraida said...

zaza.. k.zue ingat k.zue sorang je implement "one toy at a time" of which k.zue lagi teruklah sebab k.zue buat "One toy a day" hehehehe.. (tu kalau hari berkerja sebab nanti penat nak kemas mainan dia, kalau tak keje "two or three toys a day"). Lagi pun k.zue memang tak beli mainan dia sangat. Agak2 kalau kira dalam 10 je. (Kedekut betul mak dia!!)

Rita Ho said...

Good luck, Z - only because you asked for it! I make more mess than Aidan with my toys and I am nearly 588 months old!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

cat: our nearest ikea is at a town called heerlen. just 25 mins away from our house. its near the germany -NL border. so you'll get loads of germans at our ikea. penuh sesak!

mommy@lif: he's enjoying everything on his space right now. dont know how long it will last tho! you can create a space for alif, just have a little corner and make it interesting enough for him to sit there and do his 'stuff'. add his favourite things, crayons, papers etc. you dont need a big space!

wiz: i am currently making my own space!! doing up some shelves for my craft room! dulu kan anak.. we come second! hehe..

dayat: it is difficult. the first few tries you have to sit down with him and actually attend to him. if he wants to take other toy, then the current toy tu he'd have to put it back on the shelves. then only boleh amik. aidan's way too young. but i'm begining to reason things with him. takot kang bila dah pandai cakap "why", pengsan aku! eh kosi tu boleh duduk laaa! i've sat on it! hardy sat on it! dad sat on it! you're only half of me! hehehe ;) (wait till i get my hands on herbalife!)

k.zue: one toy a day? he will be bored nanti... no? but they all here say that the best thing to give a child is the things around the house. boxes, papers, plastic tupperwares... so i suppose you can give him one toy a day but at the same time, let him feel different things around the house! tapi jangan buat berkecah dah la! penat mak dia!

rita: hahahahahhaha... but the thing is, you make the mess, and you clean it up! in aidan's case, he makes the mess, i have to clean them up!! kan kan?


zuraida said...

za, for the time being, dia tak boring sebab besides his toy, mangkuk, sudu, garpu, botol, & everything in the kitchen yg dia dapat capai tu "mainan" dia..hehehehe.. suka sangat dok kat dapur. especially kalau buka peti ais. segala benda kecik2 dia pegang pastu kata "juk..juk..".

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zara's mama said...

Wah.. so young got own 'office space'..

So Ikea! Nice!