Friday, 23 May 2008

Switzerland - Big and Small!

You can see all of Switzerland from one place - in miniature! situated just outskirts of Lugano, this is like an open-air museum with winding pathways and more than 120 models of famous landmakrs of Switzerland. from castles, cathedrals and other notable swiss buildings.

They are build on a scale of 1:25 and just the right size for Aidan to catch the whole view. you might see St. Peter's cathedral in Geneva, House of Federal Parliament in Bern, Zurich Airport and some scenes you might see in the countryside. oh, and cable cars! this is trully amazing, as they are very well kept, very well maintained and well functioned! yes, they move, almost just like the real ones!

There are lots to see, lots of activities for the kids, a cafe to rest your legs, and facilities are good, and clean. beautiful painted buildings, trains and all other swiss transportation will leave you amazed. the landscape is trully something.

Tiny model trains, hellicopters, busses and cars with all its buzzing sounds makes this place a little bit more real for the kids!

We might be away from home, but we still carry our culture! Malaysia or Swiss Miniature, cium tangan tetap cium tangan! haha. or is it just another way for you to catch girls Aidan? (that girl was so smitten and just couldnt let go of him!)

Aidan's turn on the train around the village grounds!

We had a fantastic time here, (although i was rather grumpy at first for being hungry). but it turned out to be fun! kan Aidan?

After almost 3 hours later at the swiss miniature, we then pushed off to Munich on the most beautiful strech of road i've ever been on. and this was the view..

As i was snapping away, admiring the view from the car, little did we know that we're going to travel up the mountains, and the road will lead us right to the top. we got closer and closer to the hills and honestly, i didnt know where to turn! i was practically stunned, and at last, i just gave up on taking photos, and decided to just take them all in, and embrace the moment. i strongly recommend you to take that that stretch of road, if you're travelling by car. (remember i mentioned in my mother's day post about that feeling i have when i see my mum with my son, just like i'm on top of those snow-capped swiss mountains? well.. this is what i'm talking about!)

It was simply breathtakingly gorgeous, the view was just simply spactacular. out of this world! these pictures dont do justice at all but this is my best fair of sharing my experience with you guys! My family and i toured parts of Switzerland in the 80s, but that was in winter. i was way too cold (and young) to witness such beauty. second time was last summer last year, but we only visited Zurich. but this time, it was spring. and to have the sun shining, the blue skies, the green grass and snow on the mountains... you cant help it but to feel very, very small and humbled.

Having passed through probably close to a hundred of tunnels, i am totally in love with this country. i certainly dont mind going again. somehow i cant help it but to think - what have i done do deserve all this. trully am thankful to be witnessing all God's beauty. in those period of hardship, you often hear people say, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. but in Switzerland's case, not only there's a light at the end of the tunnel, but you will come out of the dark to a spactacular view where the grass is always greener on the other side! (how's that for combining the two together?! haha). surely applies in my case!

Have a fantastic weekend everybody! enjoy it!



Milkberry said...

Oooo~ Switzerland! How lovely. I wish I could go there again. I went to Geneve when I was 15 with the family and we went to Gstaad and Eggli~ Haih... I still remember my first rosti and fondue. I would love, love, love, love to visit Switzerland again!! Your photos brought me back *Sobs* When I went there I was too young to appreciate it. Thanks for the photos, Zaza!! They made me happy!!

I am Ann said...

gosh the way you put it in words... pinch me the next time you hear me complaining about switzerland :)

Wiz said...

Dearest Zaza, the routes of your Europe trip is unmistakebly similar to ours ten years back. We didnt have a digital camera then so the quality of our photos were not as sharp as yours. I thank you for posting these up, takes us back in time. Did you take the bernina Express and travel down to Tirano? Please say you did, coz I would cry if I see the pictures of the Swiss countryside and also Tirano. Cant wait for your next post.

comey_lote said...

Beautiful Swiss...yummy swiss choc!Come over to den haag, u can visit mini holland(madurodam) as well! only 5 mins drive from my place :-)

mummy lesha said...

gorgeous pics ! especially the snow-capped mountain !

is it easy to drive around in europe ? we were in switzerland early part of the year but decided against driving sebab takut all the roads, etc would be in german or italian or french, depending on which part of swiss !!! but u guys seemed to be doing ok driving from holland all the way down !!