Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Our Photos of Munchen

I have been very busy for the past week. and i've forgotten to post pictures of Munich on our last leg of spring vacation. driving in europe's simply excellent! you can rely on the signs and you'll be safe. but you might need a little bit of help from your tomtom, if you have one! makes the entire journey more pleasant. but even without one, you can still survive! we had a pleasant drive, a beautiful journey alltogether. here are some of our shots from Munich to share.

The last leg of our Spring Vacation - from the Italian Lakes to the Swiss Alps to Munich!

Aidan enjoying Munich, and his biskot!
We saw a bunch of people wearing some costumes, we werent sure what was going on. it was beautiful though! apperently it was one of those days in a year that Munich celebrated something (sorry guys, i tried asking a couple of people but most germans cant speak english that well. from what i understood, it was the start of spring for the farmers around munich) and most locals get to wear their traditional costume and march in the centre.

Beautiful German girls, in their traditional costumes. nice hats girls!

The parade

Aidan enjoying the parade. he gets the best view!

A line of mercedes taxis, the whole stretch of the road!

Ok... dah... jom balik...


anzed said...

aaaaa...munchen. we popped by for dinner on our way back fr hamburg. wanted to go back but never did. well, the main reason we stopped by munich pun sbb iz wanted to pay his respects to the bmw factory:)) loved this city, wanted to go back but never managed to. insya Allah if got rezeki, we will. prettige dag!

Anonymous said...

I know that festival and it is indeed something like what you said. It is actually also celebrated on a very small scale in some Limburg villages. In the centre of the village you will see a very tall pole in the sky which is beautifully decorated. This marks the start of something - can't remember, my FIL told me about this before.

comey_lote said...

Wah..many pictures...i like!!

Luthie said...

Maybe its a Münchner Frühlingsfest that you´re seeing. If you´re in Munich, the people there should be able to speak English because its a big city..

Wiz said...

Z, you were so lucky to witness a parade. Bestnya.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

melvis: if you're reading this, can you please email me your phone number, i cant seem to find it!! been wanting to keep in touch!!!