Friday, 30 May 2008

Aidan's 1st Cut

Last Tuesday, he came back from school with a cut. they told me he'd fell, but didnt cry - and i smiled from ear to ear. he's now officially no longer a baby.. he's a boy!! more bruisers and cuts coming i'm pretty sure!

We're off packing again. this time in search of a good seafood paella. Hardy will be off to Spain next week and we're tagging along (he insisted). to be honest, i'm quite nervous. this is going to be Aidan's 2nd time on an aero. i dont know how he'll be in the plane. the first time went well (read it here). oh well, i worry over nothing sometimes. but anyway... wish me luck this time!

Aidan's at school, i'm off to do some washing and ironing in a tick. have a fantastic weekend everyone! i will try to reply most comments..


Aiesha said...

Auntie Zaza, I'm sure Abang Aidan will be just fine. I've been on an aeroplane lots of times and enjoyed every trip. Mummy made sure I had lots to drink, yummy food for my meals, yummy snacks and lots of toys (didn't get them all at once though....mummy took them out bit by bit). You should chill and have fun!

Love Aiesha

ps. Will you, Uncle Hardy and Abang Aidan be in the UK for my and Adik Ferran's birthdays? I sure hope so....I hear talk of a party happening at our new house.

marlin's fav aunt said...

cute nye aiesha comment 4 sure aiesha will be wearing her topi nyonya sayor and her john lennon's pinky sunnies 4 d birthday bash..(sgt comel..kak na post la pix of her in FB)..
aidan is growing up very fast la..makin cumel n makin montel..pls geget his pipi and drumsticks for me..
and have fun in Spain....
kak na da lik mesia 2x..u bile lg??mish u guys and can't wait 2 see aidan in person..tapi bersiap sediala kene geget ngn sume org..

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

allaaaa so sweet la! hehe. i wish i could write more! but will be leaving in a few mins. wish me luck! nervous aku, ni tengah sakit perot! haha!

miss you 3 (aiesha, aiesha's mama and you makcik mereng!) :P

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

I am sure he will be OK. He's a brave kid. Enjoy yourself in Spain.

alief's fav aunt said...

da lik ke belumm??cpt la update..busan ni xde blog yg interesting nk bace...

comey_lote said...

macho boy mana ada nangis..hik hik hik

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

adam: brave, yes he is! unfortunately, mama is not so brave la! hehe..

makcik mereng: eh, kalau bosan, tulis blog la!!! :P cepat, cepat!! go start on a blog!

comey lote: ya la, tengok badan kan? hehe..