Monday, 2 June 2008

Much Worry Over Nothing... (again!)

Why oh why are you doing this to yourself, zaza!!!

We arrived safely in Barcelona at 2pm, after a 2 hours flight from Brussels. we pushed off slightly later than planned, making me more nervous in the car, prior to checking in. thank God Hardy was extremely cool and knows Brussels Airport by heart. the amount of journeys he did this year alone made the airport his playground. we found a parking spot the nearest to the terminal and used a few shortcuts, rushed straight to the check in counter.

Everything went good. Aidan was normal. enjoyed the flight. makan banyak and slept during landing! mama was very tensed but i've improved since! i could share a giggle or two now! unlike the first time! I HAVE GOT TO STOP DOING THIS TO MYSELF!

Barcelona is simply beyond words. just when i thought i've seen the best in europe, Barcelona came along and captured me and left me speachless.

My bestest of best friend Yoyo's on her way on tour to Spain! she'll be arriving tomorrow but her flight is to Madrid. it is so SO frustrating coz i dont think we could meet up. i was sobbing the other day when she told me she'd rather see me than go to visit Valencia and all, but i wouldnt want her to miss all that for me. she earned it. and it will be such and experience for her. she'll be on a group tour together with her Perodua Collegues, and by the time she's in Barcelona, i'll be back in Sittard. i hope to catch her at Amsterdam airport during her transit back to KL, by hook or by crook!

Anyway, this is it from Espana! we're staying at this hotel with a big potrait of the King infront. masok masok je nampak juan carlos (that's his name!). so wowwee! i feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman plus a kid but minus the hooker thing! oh, and behind the hotel is the Barcelona FC stadium (pity i'm not a football fan!).

Good night everyone! or i should say Buenas Noches!



anzed said... cool! flying w an infant..yes!miri-kl=2 hours. we have been travelling via a plane quite a bit, so much so that as soon as we board, nazeefah will ask for u know what :))

amy said...

Hey zaza..

Shiok nya to spain..hafiy nak sangat g sana..dia suka Spain..infact he's learning spanish for his 2nd language in school hoping one day dia dapat dok sana haha..berangan jek..

neeway enjoy your holiday..


comey_lote said...

hola chica! ¿como estas?¿mui bien?
wah jalan2 lagi!syoknya!!

Wiz said...

Please take pictures of their haciendas for me, ones that look like kat citer telenovela tu. And if you could find those good looking guys with their 5 o'clock shadows, that'd be great too, he he he

ryan's fav aunt said...

see everything went well kan???kak za mmg cam2 taw..dr dulu sampai skang suke worry over nothing and everything...jgn worry2 sgt la.. nnti cpt tua..ekekekeke..

zuraida said...

zaza..just to let you know, k.zue baru balik dari rumah mak zaza!!!(5 June 08; 1.00pm)
Cantiknya rumah tu. Simple but very nice. mmg ada taste! i love the colours. Mcm masuk hotel 5 star. So hari ni dapat peluk mak zaza...jgn jealous.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

anzed: spain is very very cool indeed! so laid back and beautiful! nazeefah has her own seat or has to sit on you? aidan had to sit on his papa's lap for take off and landing. in between, he sits in between us, since the plane's not full.

amy: hafiy's learning spanish? wow!! its a tough language tau! i hope he gets to see spain soon, it is really beautiful amy! all my love to you guys! how's marissa?

comey lote: hola!! apart from that, i dont know! what was that? hehe. i feel banyak noh jalan the past 3 months ni! syok though!! how are you?!

wiz: they talk really fast tau! just like those spanish soaps! yes, those telenovelas!

cikinah: ha ah la na. bodoh kan!?!?!? will say "ya allah... bodoh la kau ni"! hahahha... eh, how's nikki doing?

k.zue: JELES! kita tak tengok lagi rumah baru! mak did tell me that she's very satisfied with everything and how it turned out. dok soh diorang hantar gambar, tak hantar pon! citer la lagi! hahha... dapat pelok mak? LAGGGIII JELESSSSSS!!!!! mak pon pelok k.zue? ponnnnn jeles!!! hehehe...


comey_lote said...

I'm so busy! We have Malaysian Food Fair this coming 21st and 22nd of June. Location: embassy. Please come over if u're here.
owh, btw chica means girl...como estas is how are you and muy bien is fine/very well.But there's all I know haha!Enjoy urself!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Spain pix. I loved Barca too-did you notice the hot spanish policemen?


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

comeylote: insyallah, if we're free we'll be there! would love to meet everyone again and makan till our hearts content! i will head straight to the gerai apam and nasi ayam k!!!!

tw(mama-to-be): yeah la, i noticed them, super hot!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

wahh cantik2, semua tpt u visited cantik! i think after this, nak travel mana2 kat europe visit your blog first, get some travel tips!'s enriching la. and then your stories, waaahhhh simply inspiring. now i want to go too..take care za. yaya