Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Dutch in numbers : Wake up call....

"Some 40% of the Dutch get up at 8am, according to research by TNS Nipo reported on Tuesday by news service ANP.

Just over one fifth of the population rise at 9am and one fifth at 7am. Of the 1,000 people questioned, 43% cannot wait to start the day while 9% are grumpy.

Once awake, 61% go to the bathroom, 13% kiss their partner and 7% immediately make coffee, says ANP."

I categorically fit in nicely as my alarm clock is set at 7am but has a tolerance of up to +2 hours......



Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

H, which catagory do you declare yourself in, eh?: the 61%? or the 13%? i know for sure it's not 7%!


VioletSky said...

Now, would that be of those 9% who wake up grumpy, only 7% immediately make coffee???

and I like the "2 hour tolerance" alarm clock.