Sunday, 11 May 2008

Moeder Dag

I was trying to find suitable photos for this post, and as i went through them, most of them made me laugh, and some laugh so hard till tears rolled down my cheeks. there were some good photos and videos of my mum and my son. and as tears started rolling down my cheeks, i thought to myself, how lucky i am to have a such a beautiful mother who loves her daughters unconditionally, who'd do anything for their daughters and adores her grandchildren.
My mum once asked me,"how does it feel looking at your mother with your child?". well mum, i can tell you that i feel like i'm the most luckiest person alive whenever i get to see Aidan in your secure, loving arms. i feel like i'm the happiest person alive whenever i get to see Aidan laughing with you... i feel extremely proud it's like this feeling like you're on top of those snowcapped mountains in Switzerland (will show pictures soon!), standing on top of the world!
Not only she's my idol, she's my role model, she's my best friend, she's my advisor... she insipires me to be the best that i can, she teaches me so so much, and the best part is she's extremely, EXTREMELY understanding - you're way way cool mum!
Since you're moving houses, settling the last few minor details with the apartment, i thought i'd send you this postcard instead. the real card and your present will be waiting for you in your room upstairs, here in Holland. hurry up! we cant wait to see you again and make lots of memories together. we miss and love you dearly.
You're one in a million. and how fortunate we are to have you as our mum. and mum, just to let you know, we're extremely proud to be your daughters.
Here's to all mothers and soon to be mothers, i wish you all the love in the world. it is honestly a reward, a joy and such an amazing experience to be one.
Here's to you Mum, just for being you!
Happy Mother's Day!
With love!


Milkberry said...

Happy Mother's Day Zaza!!
Haha no Hi omedetou gozaimasu! (same meaning as the English one, basically :P)

MUM said...

Thank you Dek for the lovely post. Don't forget that both you and Kakak are now mothers Happy Mother's Day to the both of you...and to all your friends who are mothers reading this.When Aidan and Ferran are big enough to know how to write and pester their Dads to buy them Mother's Day cards, you'll be getting cards from them. But then they are boys, tak tahulah tu ingat ke tidak..boys being boys!!
To all mothers out there: The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world !!!!! Love, Mum.

Ummi said...

Selamat Hari Ibu!

nina said...

gelukkige moeder dag zaza...
u r very2 lucky to get hardy to prepare breakfast for u..
i got a present from Johan, he made it in creche.. the carer assist them to color the bottle and pour prada on it, then put a candle in the bottle.. will post the photo later..
Have a nice day ahead zaza...

ajzie@kak azi said...

Happy Mutter Tag to Adik Zaza n Fifi..

Have a nice day...

Intan Rosnitta said...

Happy Mother's Day, Zaza!