Thursday, 8 May 2008

Italian Dream Part 2 - Bello!


The next day we went to Menaggio. this town is at the very heart of Lake Como, east of Porlezza, just about 20 mins drive from where we stayed (up and down the hills, through tunnels and roads leading there were less "butt clenching"!!!). Menaggio is a very lively town, defintiely one of the most popular destinations on Lake Como, touristic amongst the europeans as well as locals.

I absolutely adore, love Menaggio! it was simply beautiful and buzzing! as we were busy snapping photos of Aidan, an old man approached us, and he spoke in Italian. we of course couldnt understand a word he was saying but it was something about Aidan. we then nodded and smiled and replied in English. few mins later he walked away. as we were about to leave and walk to our car, we bumped into him again. this time, he was with his wife. he introduced her to Aidan and then spoke in English. he has 10 children. 7 are married, and he has 17 grandchildren. he then spoke in italian again, and as we said our goodbyes and waived to the old couple, he then said "goodbye beautiful family". to which i felt so incredibly touched and wanted to hug him straight away.

With my two buys having fun, with the beautiful view, and that topped it off. It certainly made my day.

So.. that was Menaggio. it was simply breathtakingly beautiful. every corner, every alley, everywhere we turned. lots of pictures still in our minds, we had some fond memories of that place. (nin, here's to you, pictures of me!)

We then drove up to the hills and passed by little villages- Loveno, Logo, Piazzo, Ligomena, Plesio, Molino Spinzi, before finally stopping at the top - Breglia. it was recommended that we take a path leading to the top of the hill, and they claim that you'd get the best views to witness Menaggio and the little villages around it.

Hardy went up to the hills alone to catch the view. i had to stay in the car with Aidan as he was catching his nap, probably dreaming of the girl he saw earlier at the playgroud!
Wish you were there che Ferran!

Will share more! till next time, have a good friday guys, with all our love!


Anonymous said...

beautiful place indeed! look fwd to more gorgeous photos. twxx

Akmal said...

Kak Zaza,
I think I can spend all day long there, just walking around, care less about the world...bliss :D

Nina said...

Thank You very much my dear Zaza for the wonderful pics. :)Hehehehe.. U made our day by looking at your pics. I have to visit you Za one of this day... :) Take k. Kiss to your lovely Aidan! - Nina London

Milkberry said...

Bello! Bello! Molto bello! Hahahaha okay my Italian kinda sucks. I figured I'll finish tackling Spanish before I tackle Italian. But before that I have to be awesome at Japanese so God knows when I'm going to learn Italian. *Sigh*

Anyways, back to English. Yes, it is beautiful! Italy!! One day! *Clenches fist*

Aidan is adorable!! Your family's so lovely! The old man prolly agrees with me. Maybe he said to his wife that you have a lovely little family and his wife says "Si! Si!"

Hehe :P