Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Whiter Days

It's pretty cold here. we woke up to some snow showers, temp was -1 this morning and then i came up to 3c but it felt like it was still -1! very thick frost on our car windows, it is certainly winter!

This was the amount of snow we had a couple of weeks back. certain parts reached up to 6 inches. everything was white, it was simply beautiful. hardy and i went out for a snowball fight and we almost slipped several times. who won? yeah.. yeah.. and so he won... we came back feeling cold but content!

Anyway, i've just had a beautiful day with my son today. he's been incredibly good since Hardy left on his business trip last week. and so i've rewarded him with a trip to toys r us. we love browsing! we didnt get anything though. i'm currently teaching him how to browse! haha... we went on those mickey rides, aeroplane rides... about 5 of them all together. and strangely, he didnt want me to put any money in! i think he's beginning to have some dutch qualities in him! (which is not bad at all!)

We did this slightly before dinner and it is now up on our front windows so that the first thing papa will see when he gets out from the cab is his son's work, welcoming him home. as usual, everytime when hardy's away, it's always a good mother and son bonding session/period. and i couldnt be prouder.

I've just put him to bed and just before i kissed him goodnight, i whispered to him, thank you aidan, for a beautiful day! i had soooooo much fun. and what did he say? he said "welcome". my heart melted and i was full of awe.

Thank you, thank you all for the anniversary wishes. i shall now get my beauty rest and warm hardy's socks as he's coming home in the morning! great! now i have someone to cuddle and keep me warm in this freezing weather! we so need to go out for our anniversary dinner.. or perhaps i should cook something special for him.. (on second thoughts...nah... he had too much for the past week! we'll go out! this time my shout!)

Sleep tight everyone... i'm gonna watch pride and prejudice for the hundredth time and will probably cry for the hundredth time...


Akmal said...

Man, loads of snow! Can also see from your picture lah haha. Can email me some? No? :P
I am awed by Aidan also kak, I am :)

shud said...

ohh kak zaza..
i luv pride n prejudice..actually i watch the black n white version of the muvi when i was teen..
i think that one was more profound than the newer version which starred kiera my opinon laa..
but nevertheless..i still enjoy both..takmo nanges2 ek..nah ambik tisu nih..while handing out some tissue to kak zaza..hhehheh

Anonymous said...

Cantiknya! i really missed snow, winter and every bit of it, even the frostbites! haha. malaysia is just too hot, and the not so nice part, i get more upset when the temperature is rising.
oh so clever aidan, he know when to spend well. tunggu sale ye, hehehhe, more bargains for the same amount kan. happy making mister snowman! yaya


comey_lote said...

I wish it snows here...ohh..and happy belated anniversary!!

ツSofiyaツ said...
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toughcookie said...

i love the photos. it looks magnificent!

have a good celebration. *jeles sekejap (in a good way)* ;)

Ranee said...

Za, you make such a wonderful mom, you're teaching him very well and all the right things. Thanks for sharing the photos, they're lovely. Pride & Prejudice, yeah, one of my fav too. Glad yr husband is back, enjoy yr special moments.
Take good care of yrself and keep warm,

Luthie said...

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!. Wow so nice to see thick layer of snow at your place. It snowed at our place too but not at much as in your picture. Hopefully we will have white Christmas this year!.

Have a nice day!.


Anonymous said...

Lucky u, its only -1.. yesterday its -31°c..

Chibi Maruko said...

Lucky you, its only -1°c.. here, yesterday its -31°c.. today -11°c.. its normal in Quebec with the temparature like that.

makcik zaza yg lg mude & cumel :P said...

kak za..beshnye main senow...kalau u tingin nak mkn ice kacang kat tip-top 2,u leh mek senow n ltk atas mangkok polysterine n ltk jagung,kacang,cincaw n buah kabung(de ke kt sane) it wit choc sauce n syrup..ayo..xleh tahan..nk lik JB la makan..ishk..nnti i mkn kn u skali ek..ishk..melalot plak i..btw,nxt wieknd wedd a.yus..kalau u n de kn besh..leh meranapkn suasana mcm wedd u dulu..huhuhu..lik la mesia cpt..nnti cekout d pix on my FB 2 aidan yg semakin cumel!