Saturday, 20 December 2008

R & D



I've had plenty of those lately. plenty of rain for the past week. not much fun but i was stuck indoors anyway! i've had plenty of rest (wait till you read 'D') and plenty of run! run? well, Run is my favourite song this winter, undoubtedly. the tune, the tone is just right (for me) to listen to it again and again and again in this gloomy weather with me being 'D'!



Those 3 are the reasons why i've been quiet. it is absolutely dreadful and at times, yes, i wish i could run from it all. the bug seems to be spreading really fast and to almost everybody! i told myself that i cant let it run in me but it did somehow despite my strong fighting will. i was flat, and poor Aidan had to make do with his monday and tuesday without any painting, crafting, racing and peekabooing with mama. hardy was away but i managed to pull myself back up, especially when you hear "sayang mama"..

I'm getting there. i'm getting stronger. now RECOVERING AND DELIGHTED!

Iwill leave you all with this year's winner of the x factor (the show i've been following every year since Will Yong won it!). her single's definitely gonna be a christmas hit! what a story for this girl! no more x factor nights from this week on *sigh*....

Alexandra Burke - single
Alexandra Burke - my favourite week of hers

My boys are still sleeping. it's half past seven in the morning and yes, i'm up! it is still dark outside and guess what? its raining. dont think we'll be having a white christmas this year. i'm late on our christmas cards, i'm going to continue writing and hopefully will get more out today. i'd better start on those cards before Aidan wakes up!



drNO said...

demam? get well soon sis...

Anonymous said...

hey za, been wondering too what are you up to..rupanyer you arent well. siannye. hope you have recuperated and are now felling much better. i know how flu can get you especially in a cold gloomy weather.. brings down the mood to do anything kan. anyway, take care, eat well, take up the vitamins and keep a happy spirit! before i forget, happy holidays! tak pi UK ke this yr? Last yr i remembered your boxing day shopping, the flood at kak fifi's place, the family reunion. how's this year's end will be?


Nana said...

Kak Zaza.. How are u?? Lama dah xblog.... yup. what shall we do Saturday nite???? boring nye... have to wait almost another year.... huhuu.......kalau kak zaza duduk dekat2 definately I'll come and visit u everyday and watching you making all the creative stuff u've been doing.....sigh.......take care and enjoy ur holidays....:-)

Laracroft74 said...

poor zaza..hope you have now fully recovered form the "3Ds" was christmas celebration in Sittard..did you have a white christmas...sure cantik...

anzed said...

hey hun! glad u r up n about already! happy new year fr 3 of us!

Aidan's mama & papa said...

dr no: thank you!! tu lah dia memang leceh sakit ni. i love to care for others when they're down but i feel so useless when i'm sick! hope you're doing good!!

yh: oh my god, you are absolutely right ya! winter makes you depressed sometimes and when you're down with the bug, lagi lah! how was it dulu during you wisconsin days? lagi sejuk kan?
yes, we did went to see fifi during our christmas break. pound dah nak dekat sama ngan euros so we treated ourselves to some shopping. didnt celebrate anything pon ya, its just nice to be in the company of your loved ones. thankful to be here still, healthy and well. how was yours? how are the kids? loads of love xoxox

nana: tu la, jauh sgt dublin tu! if we're nearer i'd so love to play with your kids! and i wouldnt mind babysitting those little pumpkins! our saturday nights are dull dah kan? and i promised myself i wouldnt watch big brother! hardy ada dia nye heroes, i'm just waiting for my ugly betty! heheh... loads of love to the 4 of you! (p.s: eh, it was last year that you went to paris ngan faizal kan?!?!?! how time flies!!)

laracroft: my dear, christmas wasnt so good this year. john passed away and we were so so down. luckily our 2 beautiful friends came over and they really cheered us up. today however, it snowed! and snowed! and snowed! it's been so cold lately, our high was a -4 and tomorrow it's going to be -16! i am so not looking forward to tomorrow's weather! how have you been? hope you got my mail! sending you and the girls all my love xoxox

Aidan's mama & papa said...

anzed: happy new year to you, iz and nazeefah! how are you guys doing? it's freezingggggg here. we had plenty of snow this year! aidan and i had poffertjes just now and we thought of you! ;) take care you guys, loads of love from us 3!