Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Better Half

The past 3 years have been simply wonderful. it's been a journey. an amazing, beautiful journey. the things that we've been through together since we got here 3 years ago have pulled us much much closer. (boy! have we been through a lot!)

I've learnt more and more to be a wife without losing my own self. i've learnt how to love even more. i've learnt how to appreciate even more. i've learnt how to tolarate even more. i've learnt to be patient even more. i've learnt to share and smile even more. i've learnt when to step in and when to just sit back and observe. i've learnt to be even more supportive and understanding. i've learnt to be more positive. i've learnt to be more forgiving. i've learnt to be much calmer. i've learnt to take things lighter sometimes and be less serious. i've learnt to be stronger. all this, with still being myslef.

I've learnt more and more of the term 'better half'.

Now, i dont just plan to say it, i plan to live up to it. i shall try with all my heart and all my might!

Here's to us. 3 amazing, wonderful years anyone could ever wish for. he is indeed my better half. 

Still rooted, grounded..

Still wangi...

Still as bubbly and sparkly...

Still as sweet...

... and still solid

I'm now gonna wipe my tears and wish you all, all the love in the world. for i truly am grateful, thankful beyond words for this one. (H, get your ass back here quick! ;) safe trip home.. love you more than you can imagine).


zuraida said...

Zaza.. happy 3rd anniversary. Semoga berkekalan sehingga ke akhir hayat!!

K.Zue & family

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Hardy! Only those who have been through it will understand how challenging and beautiful it can be to love another unconditionally. May happiness follow the both of you always and may this day bring back wonderful memories through the years.


Theta said...

Awww. How sweet!

Happy third Anniversary to you and Hardy! Enjoy the wintry days together....

shud said...

salam kak zaza..
i'm wishing u more n more of wonderful years together ahead ..hopefully with another addition members to the family ..wink*wink
nothing is more important than having the people we luv all around us..alhamdulillah u r bless with those akak..
i may not know u well but i pray the best of things in life to u..

toughcookie said...

congratulations, girl! it sure has been great, eh?


nina said...

yr annivesary? 3 wonderful yrs, 3 happy ppl, and hope this will cont for another 333 yrs.. with additional 3 members, oopss..
I indeed kept our hantaran in our glass cabinet, and it is in the same condition as it was when we got married...

Ranee said...

Congratulations on yr anniversary! May blessings and good things follow you and your family all the days of yr life. May love abound for you and all around you.
Here's to many many splendid decades to come,

ummi365 said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

makcik ryan yg sewel said...

la..cptnye..da 3 taun da??rase mcm br semlm i jd toll gate girl..ekeke..(over la kn i ni)!!
i think its time 4 aidan 2 have a partner in crime la..da xde baby br in d family ni..cepat!start producing!hehehehe..

anzed said...

happy anniversary guys! 3rd one already, huh? time flies when ur having fun!

Akmal said...

Happy anniversary! :D
3 years passed; and infinite years more to go! :)

Laracroft74 said...

Congratulations and Happy 3rd Anniversary Zaza... Hopefully the
3 of you will live happily ever after...

Aziana said...

Hi Zaza! Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!

Ms eNVy said...

Happy Anniversary dearie :)

shasha_zamlis said...

hi za,
happy anniversary to both of you. k.shasha doakan semoga u will grow old n wrinkly together n always in love with a beautiful family to add. take care n love u always.kesian kasut milena...mesti dah sejuk lama org tak pakai ...hint...hint....he...he..
XOXO Kak Shasha
P/S: congrats on ur honeypot. it's beautiful and so gorgeous.

Aidan's mama & papa said...

k.zue: dah 3 tahun, every year, on the 26th november i wake up to your sms wishing us a happy anniversary! you never fail to make my day! thank you k.zue. here's wishing you and syed all the love in the world! semoga berkekalan ke akhir hayat!! love always! xoxox

k.dura: thank you so much! you are absolutely right! i wish you and fahmy all the love in the world, and be blessed with many fond memories together as well!

theta: thank you my dear. we shall warm ourselves with poffertjes this winter! (p.s: sadia, growing reallllyyy well! and hope little bubba's behaving in mommy's tummy!!)

shud: my dearest, thank you so much for your kind words and wishes. i pray the same, and more for you my dear!

toughcookie: of course ada ups and downs, like most marriages... but i'm certainly not complaining. it's been pretty great, yes. and i am so thankful. i wish you and acat all the happiness in the world, and please give baby jada a big kiss from us!

k.nina: you're toooo sweet. thank you! i will seriously consider the other 3 additional members ;)
you still keep your hantaran? kat rumah mana? i'm sure they're lovely and pretty, and looks exactly the same! i have the most important one here with me, sits on my finger, at all times ;)

Ranee: thank you thank you thank you!!!!! (will reply to your email and go to ACTION!!)

Ummi: thank you thank you sooo much! (p.s: dah dapat payment belum??!?!?) yoyo LOVED it and is full of praises for you and such talent!

Makcik zaza yang sewel: eh na, you are my makcik kan? how weird kan. next time you write me a comment, tulis makcik zaza lah, i'm your anak sedara jugak what!?
memang cepat dah 3 tahun na. and i remember that day where you and the rest stood infront of the gate mintak duit! haha. i still have that photo! and yes, i think it is time jugak la... maybe i'll join you kot?! ;)

anzed: thank you my dear... time really flies! true indeed. i wish you and izi all the love and happiness in the world. sending you three loads of hugs!

Akmal: and i pray the same... thank you!

Aziana: hi!! thank you! thank you! thank you!

Ms envy: my dear, thanks a lot. hope you've enjoyed your thanksgiving!!! lots of love to your beautiful family!

k.shasha: k.sha dear, thank you so much. you guys have helped us during the whole wedding duration. thank YOU! i wish you more (love, not kids eh, i think kids dah cukup!! ahahhaha)... sending all of you all our love, always!
(p.s: kasut milena still ada kat sidetable za. aidan kengkadang kepoh suka bukak drawer. he will take out the shoe and masok kan tangan dia! still in good condition...!!!)
love you lots xoxox

lilie said... one of your silent reader, this time ive decided utk tinggal jejak..;p
happy 3rd anniversary..and keep on blogging...i love reading yours..;p

Aidan's mama & papa said...

thank you lilie. thanks for hopping by!

Anonymous said...

Zaza and Hardy, congratulations on your 3rd anniversary!! Hope you will have more and more anniversaries coming...


Aidan's mama & papa said...

thank you eju. hope you guys are enjoying yourselves with baby noah!

The Wharfer said...

Happy Anniversary Zaza and Hardy! Enjoy! Axx