Tuesday, 2 September 2008

In Memory

It was 2 years ago. and i can still remember his voice. a very humble boy, just a boy. he helped us to build our home.

I can still remember him talking to Hardy about the renovation. i can still remember him knocking down our old walls with his bare hands. i can still remember him doing the plastering of Aidan's new room and laying down the bricks for our kitchen and dining extention. i can remember it all well.

He left without even seeing our home, now all done up. he left before i could even cook him a malay meal as i had promised. he left without even finishing his final year degree in construction, he left us suddenly. but he left peacefully.

I am extremely thankful and grateful to him for all his effort and his time. 2 years. 2 years had passed. and our home would not be a home without his help.

As i prayed with Hardy last night in our room, i thought of him, and how hard he worked for our house, to get it all ready before Aidan was born. that place where he stood is now our office and my craft room, and that's the exact place where we now pray. we now spend most of our time there, in that room, which once used to be Aidan's.

To Geoffery, we didnt thank you enough. but we hope you know how grateful we are to you. you're missed, i'm sure. but we want you to know, you're remembered, by us. always. in memory of you, we planted an apple tree in our garden! thank you, thank you so much. may you rest in peace Geoffery.

Zaza, Hardy & Aidan

**more on what actually happened, click here**


comey_lote said...

Selamat Berpuasa!

Ms eNVy said...

How very sad :( R.I.P Geoffrey . Very thoughtful of you Zaza to have planted a tree in his memory ..

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

comey: thank you! and to you too!! whacha cookin eh?

ms envy: yep, it is very sad. i couldnt go to the house for almost 2 weeks after he passed on. he was indeed a very nice boy!

by the way,how are you girls doing? is it fall yet?

Anonymous said...

Zaza, Hardy & Aidan,

Ik lees vandaag voor het eerst jullie verhaal. Via Gertrude en victor hoorde ik over jullie site. Hij is echt prachtig! Echt een mooie herrinnering. Ik ben blij dat Geoffrey aan jullie toekomst heeft mogen bouwen en voor altijd in jullie herrinnering blijft via deze weg.
Hoe gaat het met jullie? en met de baby?
Vele groetjes en hopelijk tot ziens. Jullie kunnnen mij terug bereiken via volgend mail adres: wendykuypers@hotail.com
Veel liefs
Wendy (Geoffrey`s girlfriend)