Monday, 25 August 2008

Fabulous Finds

This is the closest thing that we can get to a real 'pasar'. i LOVE the market! we get our supplies of fresh fish almost every saturday, and i normally get our fresh flowers to add some colour to our home whenever we're at one.

There's tonnes you can find at the market. i love to scout for rare finds (most of the time i'm unsuccessful). but i get some kind of a thrill from just browsing!

Just when people back home in malaysia are sighing and complaining of the rise of the oil prices and everything else, over here, i am so thankful that we can still afford to buy a great bunch for just 5 euros! just look at the the veges and fresh fruits! and what this particular store was offering was:

2 avocados

2 boxes of roma tomatoes

2 papayas

2 sweet mangoes

1 gala melon

1kg mandarin

2 whole salads

FOR just 5Euros! yes! 5 euros for all the above!

... and this was what i found recently! hortensia cards and envelope set of 5 brand new and some crochets and handkerchiefs for my crafts! what luck!

This is it for now guys, we're now at Czech Republic, our last holiday for this summer! there's simply too much to share and write, i wish i have more time!! take care everyone!


Milkberry said...

Zazaaaaaaaa!! Bestnyaaa!! The market looks awesome! I'm freaking jealous!!! No such thing in Japan tau. No pasar... sedih :( Orang jepun sengall!!

Adam said...

Can't believe that you got all the stuff for only 5 Euros. Over here in the UK, price have gone up so much. I think the same things would cost us more than £10 here.

zuraida said...

zaza... murahnya! 25 Aug 08 pergi bestmart, tomato 1kg RM4.80!!! baik2 nak beli, tak jadi.

Anonymous said...

Oooh.. I'm so jealous :o).. I loooove markets.. I love to look for crafting treasures too.. Leicester market used to have a stall with miles and miles of pretty laces.. how I miss it.The cards look wonderful. The only ones that I can find with embossed edges and lovely flowers like that are Carol Wilson's range.. and I can only buy them online :o(.. maybe one fine day I'll get to join your scouting :o) One can dream :o) hugs, K.Dura.

Laracroft74 said...

This is one of a place I always like to go whenever I travel in Europe...soo interesting to see all kind of things esp the fresh veggies, flowers, fruits and the bakeries.... not fair you can get all those stuff for just EUR5..kalau kat KL, to buy 2 avocado for RM5 pun tak dapat...

Anonymous said...

so unbelievable! kat sini depa dok tanam papaya belakang umah pun jual rm2 sebijik!! that's why pak lah cannot be pm anymore :) we normally have to spend around rm20-30 for all that you bought. anyway charming pasar u have there. unlike the ones we have here kan. ada jual benang jugak celah2 veggies :) take cara, za. yaya

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

kiki: eh, i'm sure got market. fish market sure ada!! fish market pon jadilaaahhh.... how's your puasa?

adam: you can get good bargains at the market. especially fruits and veg. they're quite ok, although i dont buy them there quite often. i prefer buying fruits and veg at the supermarket (AH particularly) coz they're simply the best. but i can imagine the prices in the uk! especially now, kan? love to all, selamat berpuasa!

k.zue: yang murah tu kengkadang tak berapa manis jugak tau. kena tengok. kadang kadang beli murah tapi tak sedap! but most of the time they are ok! everytime bila kita kat sini kita selalu compare price kat msia. memang mahal, especially now kan. sini tak terasa sgt. kat uk harga semua naik. beras kat mesia nak ke?
selamat berpuasa to you, syed and the whole family! cium hamizan!

k.dura: i was lucky, i got those embossed cards at a market in Eindhoven! masa gi tu pulak on a saturday! lucky lucky lucky! they're brand new and soooo sweet!
funny i didnt quite enjoy the markets we used to have back in oxford! not so many stalls! leicester market sounds interesting kalau panjang berbatu batu! selamat berpuasa to you and your family!

laracroft: next time round, if you're in nl, make sure to go to maastricht. i LOVE the market! and in belgium there's on sunday market at liege. best panjang gila!!!
selamat berpuasa!!

yaya: but tak boleh lawan pasar malam kita laaaahhh! pasar malam kita lagi best! thrilling! although tak boleh jumpa crochets and crafty bits and all, but the smell, masyaallahhhh.... nak nak now! pasar ramadhan!! selamat berpuasa to you and your whole family yaya!

zuraida said...

zaza.. beras kat m'sia dah naik 2 kali ganda. beras biasa makan tu dulu dlm RM30/10kg. Last month RM52. This month cam turun sikit. Pusing2 cari beras yang murah tp sedap, ambil masa lbh 15 mnt. Senang kata semua brg naik. dulu gi giant spend RM150. Sekarang ni more than RM200 w/pun beli brg tu lebih kurang sama je cam dulu. Tu tak masuk gi pasar beli ikan & etc. dan paling penting barang tu just for 3 of us! Can't imagine kalau ada ramai dlm 1 family. Cam ner nak tambah umat ni!! :(