Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A common sight.. and something a little bit uncommon..

In summer, this is a common sight on the roads in the netherlands. i think almost 45% of the dutch owns a caravan and almost 99.9% owns a bike. the facilities for holiday makers with caravans and bikes are endless here in holland. we have yet to try it though!

Oh, and see if you can find anything odd in these pictures! guess where!


lililin said...

kak zaza! aah la time kitaorg pegi carcassonne hari tu mmg banyak caravan and most of them were from england tapi dah berhijrah to the south.

ape tuuuu 'be care'! ekekeke.. perlu ke 'keep ticket on you'?? hik. lite entertainment gituuu

Laracroft74 said...

hi zaza..

yeaa..i've seen this kind of view when I was there on holiday
2 years back... How nice to own a caravan and you can travel anywhere you like kan....Also I saw a man carrying his flipped kind of bicycle into the bus..quite cool..I wish I could have one..hehehe..

p/s I've just started blogging've inspired me so much until I decided to give a here it comes "The Ups and Downs in Life". Feel free to drop by..

makcik marlin yg mereng said...

waaa...belakang 5 series pon de bike ek..

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Hi Z,
We were just holidaying mostly in the north of The Netherlands this summer, and its true, so many trailers and bicycles on vehicles! We camped at one of the camping site near the big national park (Veluwe), its VERY nice and clean, lots of space for children to run around and hv fun too. Hope u r keeping well. take care.

Ms eNVy said...

I've seen this scene too over here in B.C :) seems to be an interesting thing to do .. but unfortunately am not an outdoor living girl hehehe ..

The sign was so hilarious! .. guess the ppl involved in making the sign find it so much easier to translate word for word ..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey there, the weather looks rather gloomy on the 2nd pic. not quite a perfect summer day to begin with, dont you think so? but i could be wrong as pictures can be very deceiving.

be care, you!


Adlil said...

Zaza, thanks so much for the support. Abg Adi ni still new to this blogging thing. Actually Kak Yaya did her Masters Thesis on Blogging like 3 years ago but I can't figure out why she didn't have one, knowing that she likes to write and all. Well, thanks..