Sunday, 18 May 2008

Italian Dream Part 3 - Lugano


So, ok.. back to our Italy/Swiss vacation. sorry for the delay (i had a little bit of a 'scare' last week!) and now, as promised, part 3. Lugano is right on the south of Switzerland in the italian speaking region of Tocino. we drove west from where we stayed - Porlezza (Italy), it was a good half an hour drive, having to go through the butt clenching stretch again *phew!*

What i can say about this town is it is simply buzzing with people. situated on the edge of Lake Lugano, it offers good shopping if you're into branded goods (to which i am not). Lugano has been described as the Monte Carlo of Switzerland (if only i had been to Monte Carlo, perhaps i can confirm with you on that). but really, the town is so chic and stylish, with good bars and restaurants, lots of cafes, lots of eating places, you'll have no problem filling up your tummies, but in this weather, you might find a problem getting yourselves a seat before you could actually fill up your tummies! we were so smitten by the warmth of the town, we choose not to sit down but to have a slize of pizza whilst we walk and discover the sights instead.

You know, we had to queue for a slice of pizza at this shop! it was so popular and packed! what you do is, you tell them how big of a slice you want, and then they'll cut it. they then weigh the pizza and then you pay according to the weight! i've never heard nor come across any other places that sells pizza this way! have you? it was hot from the oven, fresh and cheezy. a simple cheese and tomato pizza that pulls the crowd in!

Lots to see at Lugano, Aidan liked the fountain the best!

Swiss watches, anyone?

We had a good stroll along the river back to our car. it was breathtakingly beautiful. you feel you'd want to snap each and every inch of that view, with the snow-capped apls, with the lake, with the clouds, with the green grass.... beautiful!

If there was a drawback to Lugano, it would be the traffic coming into the town. with heavy traffic most of the time along the lakefront, and to add to the madness of traffic and traffic lights, some italian-style driving! there you have it! you'd almost feel that you're not in Switzerland! but without that traffic, i wouldnt be able to catch this photo....

My favourite photo of Lugano. captured from the car. doesnt describe the place, but still a good photo! dont you think so? (what do you think dad?)

We then took a drive to Lugano's neighbouring towns - Muralto, Minusio and drove to Ascona (on Lake Maggiore). i am embarrased to say this, but as soon as we arrived at to those places, i told Hardy, "you know what, i think we've seen enough lakes and mountains!" haha! quite honestly, they all look the same! all beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful, in their own special way!


toughcookie said...

i love looking at all the photos you took. aidan is very lucky to be able to have such an experience.

thanks for sharing!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

my favourite cookie: guess what? i've just finished making you a card!!! hope you're doing good, last trimester kan? take it easy my dear!

aidan is indeed very lucky. i hope to teach him to be grateful and thankful for all God's blessings!

all our love to you guys!!

VioletSky said...

Ah, the water and the mountains - lovely photos. Thanks for sharing your holiday.