Sunday, 30 March 2008

Snowy Spring

We have had a snowy start to spring. it snowed last week. we have had plenty of snow showers, hail and sleet. it's not suppose to snow, it's end of march! my tulips, hyacinths and daffodils (probably the only 3 flowers i currently have in my garden), are in total shock! they're now confused as to whether they should come out and bloom!!! i just pray that they wont die on me! i'm sure it wont cause it wasnt me who planted them, it was dad. he planted the bulbs for us last autumn. he has green hands and whatever he plants will surely grow!

We were in the car, back from the DIY store, getting my picket fence, and this was the view.

It snowed the next morning too. our car covered with snow. but slowly melting away....

View from Aidan's room. on the right is our garage roof, and below is the roof to our dining room and kitchen.

My olive tree on the right (fingers crossed, please grow, please please).

Weather's much better this week. we even played in the garden. hope it'll stay! till my next post (which is going to be very soon!), have a great week ahead guys!



mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

dear zaza, i hopr for your sake your garden will flourish after this snowy episode! good luck and lets keep our fingers crossed that spring will sprung itself soon = )

Milkberry said...

oh it's still snowing there isn't it? Olives are tough so I'm sure they'll be okay.

Hehehe I sound like that too when my raspberry tree decided to die on me. Everyday I keep saying "please don't die! please please please!!!" suddenly spring came and it's flourishing like crazy!

I'm waiting for my lily of the valley and tulips to grow too! So exciting! I planted thyme a week ago and the seedings are popping out! So happy! I hope your flowers will

Anyways you have a lovely home and a cute, adorable son! aidan's england bib for the win!

Milkberry said...

LOL I didn't finish my sentence. I meant to say I hope your flowers will florish too!

Rita Ho said...

Snowing here too, Z. We had about 5 inches yesterday and it is falling again as I type this.

I love daffodils and saw loads of it on our road trip to Oregon last weekend. Look forward to seeing pictures of yours ... err.. Hardy's. LOL!

Lollies said...

hu hu hu its is HOT here now.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

mush: weather's great here today! hope the sun's out there in belgium too!

milkberry: olives are tough ke? i bought it cause i've always wanted to have one, but this one doesnt seem to grow since last year. the the olives are very tiny! i saw your plants and cant help but to say "waaahhhh!!!" i had lily of the valley last year, didnt even know they were wild in our garden. excited, siap tulis blog about it! now they're all gone, to make way for our driveway! sadly. tulips will bloom soon! you post us some pictures of yours nanti k?

rita: i love it when it snows! dont you? i get all excited and jump jump jump! hope you guys had a good break. will post pictures of us (we'll try!) hehe... we're growing sideways thesedays la rita...

lollies: how hot? very hot? i like it when it's semi hot semi cold... spring ideally! ;)


VioletNickel said...

Snow needs a calendar, eh?
We here (in Ontario) are finally getting rid of most of our snow, but it is the rain that is dragging it away!
My favourite memories are of all the flowers EVERYWHERE. Have you been to Keukenhof yet?

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

violet: i suppose not! haha. does it snow a lot in ontario? and when's spring over there? yep we've been to keukenhof for the first time last year, with Aidan! the picture of him on my sidebar was taken at keukenhof last year! we hope to visit again this year, together with my parents and hopefully my sister and family (fingers crossed). when are you coming here again? i can prepare us a picnic basket! ;)