Monday, 31 March 2008

Baby - Boy

You will know when he's no longer a baby when:
1. you will buy less pampers
2. he can take off his jacket on his own
3. he can pull the zip of his jacket on his own
4. we no longer need to lie him down on the changing table to change his clothes
5. he can take off his own shoes
6. he can climb and run
7. he can dance
8. he knows the diffeence between a real handphone and his plastic toy one
9. he can converse with you, in his own language and understands what you're saying
10. he wants to try ayam masak kari, masak kicap and sambal belacan
11. he can be asked around - please put it on the table, lets sit down and eat, can you please clean up the mess, he passed with flying colours!

you will realise it more when you no longer head to the baby section for his clothes but head to the boys section. and then you will realise that their clothes are getting more expensive!

I'm amazed,.every single day. and i'm very proud of him. Aidan's really growing. but he's still my baby...



nina said...

Aidan is really a BIGGGGGGGGGG boy.. Johan can do all except number 3 and 11, he will do the opposite instead .. so he is consider still a baby right??? anyway, he luvs it when i call him, mama's baby.. sengeh from one end to the other..

zuraida said...

Zaza, Aidan dah pandai buat tu semua? wah bestnya. Hamizan still ada yang tak pandai lagi like no. 3 & 5. Kalau suruh buka kasut dia faham tp dia buat tak tau je.. terus je jalan masuk rumah dgn kasut. Dia dah tak suka pakai pampers tp tak pandai nak cakap bila nak buang air so he has no choice kena pakai pampers juga! & memanglah pasal baju ni makin besar makin mahal!! nak beli baju tido pun dah berbelas RM! Lps tu plak Hamizan dah start kena beli baju size 3 thn walaupun belum masuk 2 thn (baju utk 2 thn dah macam ngam-ngam je). As at 3.3.2008, he is 14kg and 88cm. He likes to eat chili too!! Lada merah potong, dia boleh makan selamba je!

nadhirah said...

Hi, came by from Ikin's blog. I have something to add.

- you know they're no longer a baby when they right on your sofa, with Markers!

- You know they're no longer a baby when they say, No!! to your requests.

Mine is 1 yr 7 mths. :)

k.ct said...

nak add gak..

they are no longer a baby when they say...' ibu...pergi mandi!! dun b lazyyyy o.k..' (bila i dah lepak balik kerja)..


Ms eNVy said...

He will ALWAYS be your baby :)

mama shmontel said...

handphone toy should be banned! kekekeke..memang tak laku, nak yang the real handphone jugak!!! and my baby is only a 12-month old..*sigh*...

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

k.nina: aidan is big indeed. tak larat nak dukung! he still drinks milk from his bottle, that still makes him my baby! kan kan? hehe..

k.zue: oh my god! hamizan eats chilli? tahan pedas ke? aidan would like to try almost everything. so we gave him just a bit to try. sambal pon sambal la. pas tu merah muka! but i still dont give him sugar eventhough he's allowed to now and then. takot dia tak nak makan!

nadhirah: oh my goDDDD!! we just bought ourselves a new sofa! now that you mentioned it, i better go keep those pens and pencils far far away. (p.s thanks for visiting, hows the baking doing?) ;)

k.ct: hahaha...

ms envy: when i wrote this post, i then thought of you and what you wrote before. i suppose he will always be our baby. dah keluar rumah, dah kawin, dah ada anak sekali pon! kan? ;) (p.s: is it still snowing there?!)

mama shmontel: what a cute name shmontel! hehe.. handphone plastic memang dah tak laku. laku kejap je. 12 months? awwwww... i think you're gonna have fun! lots of fun! i personally think that the best time is from 6 months onwards. they get smarter and smarter by the day!