Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Home & Away

We've been talking to Hardy on the phone for the past 5 days (thus why i've been blogging almost every day!). he calls home almost 3 times a day. yes, he's away again, for another long period. i'm now ok with him travelling. i just hope he's ok with it. it can be tiring too at times, i'm sure. i did cry that morning, at 4am, waiving at him as the taxi drove on. but as the days went on, we were ok, Aidan was well and we're happy, enjoying ourselves, taking walks, strolls and drives - just the 2 of us.

You know, opportunities like this doesnt come often. we consider ourselves very lucky to be here. and yes, with that, there are some goods and bads, there are advantages and disadvantages. and we're taking them in. all of it. Aidan kept on looking out of the window and calls out "papa" at 5ish or so, coz that's normally the time when Hardy comes home from work. i can feel he misses him. for me, it can be lonely too at times, especially at night, that's when we watch telly together, we talk and talk and have bedtime stories (let it be politics or plain gossips - to which Hardy doesnt participate!). but for sure, one thing good is, when Hardy's away this long, i can lose some kilos!

Toasts, mushroom soup, maggi mee, sardines for the past 4 days for dinner! its not much fun eating on your own, of course there's Aidan but... still..! and as for Hardy? well with all his hard work, his time travelling, he gets to enjoy sushi, t bone steak, mc donalds (halal mc donalds is luxury for us!) ... and not just that, he gets to enjoy the view on his 34th floor hotel. he gets to see half of Riyadh and make new acuaintences.

Hardy's been working too hard lately. sometimes i worry, but most of the time i'm happy. busy means good! today's gonna be a very important day for him. nervewrecking i'm sure (i'd probably pee my pants off!) but what an opportunity! an opportunity we should be thankful for!

So here's to papa, we hope you'll read this in the morning..
You'll surely shine papa.. Good Luck! we're very proud of you, hope all goes well and we'll see you at home later!! hugs and kisses: Aidan & Mama.

He's coming home and we're going to have a feast!


Milkberry said...

i miss sardines... malaysian sardines are the best. good luck to your hubby and hope you get every happiness!

comey_lote said...

sedihnyaaaa...cam nak nangis jeee :-(

comey_lote said...

let's exchange link? Sbb I pun selalu jenguk2 sini tp terpaksa cari2 u dekat link org lain..heheh
(and I already linked u without permission *gulp!)

Frankensteina said...

Awwww Aidan misses his daddy :)

Well I guess you can use this time to do your own things(?) but I guess it's not the same without the hubby around yes? ;)

I'm so used to sleeping next to Mr Frankie that when he's not around I just couldn't sleep

Luthie said...

Kesiannnnnnnn si Aidan, he must be missing his dad right? And for you too. Without family and friends must be hard. But I hope you can cope with it lama lama. If you´re near to me we can visit each other, let our boys play together just to kill the time. Take care and kiss to that handsome Aidan.

MAK TEH said...

sob..sob...my heart goes for you..be strong ..I'm giving you some of my strength and courage...here..teke it.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

milkberry: japan got sardines tak? is it easy to find malaysian food stuff kat sana? and how was the picnic? i will drop by soon k? now enjoying time with the boys!! and thank you so much for the wishes. you're too kind!

comey lote: allaa.. dont cry. we're ok, happy and most importantly healthy! ;) i'll add you ya!

frankie: yeah.. he misses him and when he first saw hardy out of the cab yesterday, his smile was priceless. you're absolutely right, i've got more time to laze around and not cook, more time to craft but tak ada inspiration, susah la! haha...

mak teh: i'm ok mak teh. i'm used to it. it's nice to be away from each other once in a while. its not that bad. but i am taking just a tad bit of your courage, i need it!! ;) thank you!!! hehe..


Anonymous said...

Hi K.zaza.. it's has been a while since i drop u a msg... sedih jek baca entry nie..I know how u feel..Harith pun once a while pegi outstation jugak just across the sea but still it won't be the same without him at nite isn't it? But I guess for us as housewife/mummy and living in foreign country with no one around to rely on,that what make us even stronger and independent and of course for our own good.Anyway, wishing u the very best of luck..everything gonna be alrite...-nana-

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

nana: you know how i feel kan na, but you're coping well i pressume. the weather's gonna get better, so i think we should be ok when they leave. plenty things to do and places to go when the weather's ggood. you're absolutely right about being on our own. it can be quite difficult sometimes, but yes, it'll make us stronger and independent. i quite like it actually but just sometimes i wish someone's around, my sister or my parents. nana, keukenhof dah bukak. dont you want to come and see fields and fields of tulips? sending you guys all our love and best wishes!