Tuesday, 18 March 2008

My Haven Home

I remember back when i was younger, i used to LOVE playing "house" or the malay word "pondok pondok". i'd go to my favourite corner, grab some pegs and put up a cloth to make the roof, i'd take my dolls and my toys and just stay, play in my so called house. i was the happiest. and if i was outside, i would ask dad to put up my smurf tent, and i'd have my tea party with kakak and the rest of the gang (toys!) i can recall every single minute, we have photos of us having our little tea party, but they're not with me now, p.s: is it with you fi?

As years went by, i told myself that eventhough it might take me ages, but i would love to have my own house. back then, i could picture my own house with my little white picket fences infront of the house, a garden of daisys, an apple tree, white windows and doors... and here i am, away, far far away from that little corner where i used to put up the cloths, hundreds and hundreds of miles away from where that smurf tent once stood, i have a home- a dream came true.

One would be surprised to see what we have embarked ourselves into, almost 3 years ago. we bought an old, old house and had a huge renovation done to it. back then, having been in The Netherlands for less than half a year, being pregnant with our first child, little knowledge in dutch language, no relatives, little friends whom you can rely and trust, we were CRAZY! absolutely crazy to actually want this house, and get it. getting the mortgage was a huge problem, and we had a dateline too, since my tummy was getting bigger. but we have had good, very good and nice people who helped us, from the person responsible getting us the mortgage and sorting all the paperwork, to the man who laid the bricks (there's a post and pics i once wrote here - in loving memory). now, we're slowly, putting in the interiors, bit by bit. it takes time to furnish the house. and having had just a little bit of rezeki lately, last week, we bought another sofa. a single seater sofa to be added alongside our 2 sitter.

As i sat on my new sofa today (after ironing!), with my tea, looking back at what we had gone through, looking at our living room, dining room and a glimpse of our kitchen from where i was sitting, and not to mention our floor (Hardy, Dad, Kakak & Redza did the whole entire flooring of the house), i thank God for all the help, and the patience, and all His blessings, for getting us through one of the most challenging period of our lives. it turned out just the way we'd dream of.

I can only imagine what Aidan's feeling, and what he thinks of his new "house". no major renovation though. with just a bit of his papa's creativity with the sofa boxes, he now has his own "pondok pondok" (mama's creativity will come later, i'll help him choose the paint to colour his walls and windows!).

(oh, hardy's gonna help me put up my white picket fence and plant an apple tree this summer!)

I remember my parents always taught me on the importance of loving your home and to love being in your own home. its not about putting expensive furnitures and fittings, it's about making it a home, making it your own, and not to mention filling it with love. i absolutely love being at home, it is my absolute haven.



I am Ann said...

good on you zaza. i miss our house in KL, boo hoo. could never afford one here.

Ms eNVy said...

great post Zaza! .. since we just moved to BC .. don't have a lot of furniture in my house at the moment .. it took us a year just to get a proper bedroom set for our room .. now we are furniture hunting for our living room .. right now it's a place for my little girl to play pondok-pondok :)
btw: will reply ur FB msg soon .. been down with a bad bug :(

Anonymous said...


u're rite! everything must be started from a-so-called-home n i believe that the family ties will be last long n grow stronger every single day n hoping that our generation will inherit the concept of 'rumahku syurgaku'until the end of the world (perrrgghh!)

Well this is my view from my own experience and this is the basic thing that i've taught my kids since they were born..it's very important to make them to love their house n families eventhough having separate grandparents sometimes can make them pening2 lalat!

Miss u za...


Violet Nickel said...

I discovered you postings a couple of weeks ago and have been happily getting caught up on your adventures. It has been about 20 years since I lived in The Netherlands for a year and your discoveries bring back so many memories.

AL said...

i miss home :(

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ann: how much does one cost in switzerland? do you guys intend to buy one since you guys are settling down there permenantly? (p.s: i'm making something for you and alesha, 1/2 done, tinggal the 2nd part! wait for your postman, hopefully in a week's time k?)

ms envy: i know what you're going through. but its fun hunting for furniture kan? it'd be more fun if we have loads of money! hehe. we onced had the tv on a stool and sat on the floor to watch it! lucky your little girl has a huge pondok pondok! i bet she's enjoying herself and wouldnt mind not having any furniture in there! (p.s: hope you're feeling much better, dont worry about fb, i'm always late with replies too! take care and get well soon k?)

ayong: who am i to say this but i'm gonna say it anyway, your kids are very lucky to have you guys as their parents. they are loved by everyone, i'm sure, even when their grandparents are seperated!! so, take it easy and keep reassuring them that they are loved! ;)

violet nickel: hi there! it's nice to hear from someone new! thanks for dropping by and thanks ever so much for reading all our (mostly mine) blabberings and scribblings. how was 20 years ago violet? was it tough on you too? it gets easier as time goes by i suppose. where are you now? hope to read and get to know more of you! have a good easter!! best wises always.

al: tak balik rumah ke? do send my love, hugs and kisses to all at home k?

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

owh! i so love the pondok-pondok experience.... i sure trust u babe to complete aidan's pondok with a bang! i so wanna a pondok pondok for me and areya....hehee

hugs and kisses for aidan yg comeiiiii tuu....