Thursday, 6 March 2008

A Housewife's Chore

I am so terrible. when mum was here, she irons all our clothes - happily. she'd pull the ironing board closer to the telly, turned to Jeremy Kyle (a talk show), and irons away. and boy she's good at it (amongst many many other things!) you'd see the rails all empty, and all shirts tucked away, hung in our cupboards.

Hardy's shirts are getting more and more now since the "travelling year" and the year of conferences year began. i find myself washing more these days, not to mention Aidan's clothes gets dirty pretty fast too. now there's rows and rows of them, in our laundry room, just waiting for me to straighten them out. i tend to put it on hold, day after day... besok lah... and when tomorrow comes, besok lah. i seldom put household chores on hold but just this one. this tiny teeny one - this ironing bit.

As i was ironing last night, with no telly on, thoughts came pouring (your mind can REALLY go places when you're ironing!). then i thought, 3 years ago, i wasnt doing these. there wasnt any hoovering (3 floors mind you!), there wasnt much ironing (for 3 people), there wasnt any much cooking (for 2 1/2 people - aidan counts as half!). wouldnt it be nice to have a maid, just a weekend one like my neighbour. gosh.. god knows how expensive they are over here!

I feel like a housewife more when i'm ironing!

The good one sitting on my right ear then whispered to me, you're doing this for your husband and your son. not that you're working, not that you have 3 kids. and by doing this you'll be rewarded, with pahala. 3 years ago you werent this happy, what more do you want, just look at the boys and what you have now. and then happy thoughts came pouring- with Hardy coming back from the office and kissing me on my forehead, grabbing Aidan and tossing him up, wrestling with him on the floor... why did i think about getting a maid?! i should be grateful that i have all this time to do the chores for them! it's all trully worth it.

We knew before our big move here that we wont be having such kind of help, no maid, no familes to leave Aidan for a short while for you to get some rest when you're down, no cheap warung stalls to go to for dinner when you dont feel like cooking.... but all the good stuff of being here outweighs them. it works more for us. ironing? what's ironing!?
I better stop. gonna go downstairs and finish up ironing. but wait.. american idol's about to start! heheh..
Have a good weekend everyone!


Melina said...

Zaaa.....I know what you mean about the ironing. I really hate ironing. So much so I only ever iron Nigel and Aiesha's clothes. Mine only get ironed if I'm going out. I don't bother with it if I'm staying home. Teruk kan? :)

Anyway, as my friend said to me semalam when I told her I'm now a fulltime mum and housewife with no maid...she said 'mmg elok kita uruskan family matters on our own...lebih berkat and hubby and children will feel much closer to us'

It's true kan and plus we don't have to worry about our kids preferring the maid or needing the maid to sleep or our family preferring the maid's cooking to ours. Takpe za....berkat and's not easy but it can be done.

3 years ago not only did you not have to cook for a family you did really cook much as at kan.....if I remember correctly your apartment in KL ada 2 ring burner but no gas!!

anzed said...

american idol..nazeefah likes david archuleta. she never fails to do her head nodding when he sings :)) head nodding is part of her dance routine. prettige weekend. antwerp...cari diamond ka? hehehe

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

dear zaza, i hate ironing too & can do them when Nora is away at school or she's napping. That's alot of shirt u hv to iron, good luck babe! Hugs for a gd weekend, and i think u r one super housewife Zaza esp to be able to run the household when Hardy is out of town. Take care and kisses to Aidan.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said... eh baju aiesha banyak nak kena gosok ke? i only iron aidan's shirts. most of his tshirts keluar dryer je dah tegak! i dont bother to iron my shirts too! we tend to put ourselves last these days kan?

you know sometimes you just wish, someone else could do it. not all the time, but that just one or two times when you're dead tired, sakit belakang! but i suppose, if we were to do it ourselves it would be even berkat and lebih pahala. but the next day tu terus lupa penat kan?

yep, ringburners but no gas! hahahaha!! dapor tu tak pernah masok pon! gosh, with what we've been through with our past, look at US now!

you, DONT do heavy things dah tau. let me know as soon as you know the sex of the baby coz i have to prepare myself! tau!!

i so MISS you very much! hugs, kisses, romos romos to aiesha, you and nigel! hehe ;)

anzed: eh, nazeefah nods her head bila dengar david?! fuhyo!! pandainya! nodding head macam rocker lah! aidan sways and do funny movements with his hands and hips. tah la. even lagu from his toys pon joget sakan! antwerp diamonds? nahhh, jalan jalan saja. i have mine. 3 oredi. one on my finger, one the one who gave it to me, and the other one as a result of the ring on the finger! hahaha..

mush: thanks for the luck. i really need them. memang banyak sgt mush coz i kept on postponing them. and like you, i hate ironing, and i can only do them when aidan's asleep at night or when he's napping. but my hands itch to grab those scissors and papers when he's napping. so my only option is to wait, till night. and by the time dah malam, i'd be too tired!

i think you're a super housewife too! in fact every housewife is a superhousewife!!! kan?


Melina said...

I iron all Aiesha's clothes. But there are times when I have to put her in her not ironed baju tido....rasa so the bersalah. Definitely need to iron her dresses and they are so tiny and fiddly....kecik than the iron so a bit difficult to get the dalam dalam bits kan. Our mums memang terror ironing kan. My mum does ours too when she's here. She can do a load in minutes....takes me hours and hours!!

Yes, look at now....all mummy and housewifey!!

Will let you know the sex when we find out.

Lollies said...

ironing can be therapeutic too. i don't hate it but i wouldn't mind someone else to do it for me as well.

i understand your thoughts for i am the same over here too.

k.ct said...

'bercinta' betul bila masuk bab ironing ni ekk...

Anonymous said...

ada maid or not, as lady of d' house mmg ler kena do some type of ironing. but i too agree with you and the rest of mommies and wifeys here..we ain't like ironing. how i wish they made wrinkle free clothes for all. hehehe. yaya

toughcookie said...

you know... my girlfren lagi best.. when the hubby goes to work, she sends ALL his shirts to the nearest dry cleaners for 1-hour ironing service. balik2 je dah smoothly ironed... like waaahhh, isteri yang baik hehe. tapi kat sini la... you over there sure expensive kan.

IbuHaziq said...

agree with lollies...i dont hate it but it would wonderful if someone else could do it for me :)

i totally understang your thoughts.. :)

Ms eNVy said...

*lol* you are just so hilarious! anyways I'd totally understand your post .. I feel the same way too sometimes .. toyed with the idea of having a maid (I've been spoiled rotten when I was back home in M'sia :) but yes it can be very expensive .. nevertheless at the end of the day it is all worth it .. now I'm waiting for spring break! ..

Red Devil said...

Ooh I hate ironing too...til I read your post. I guess you are right. Bila lagi nak iron baju husband, yes? :) Plus think of all the pahal that comes along with it hehehehe.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

melina: i suppose baju girls lagi lah leceh! aidan wears tshirts and pants. girls ada dresses and all the frilly bits! but baju girls are sooo prettyyyyy! our moms kan hero! everything can lah!

lollies: err... well... i suppose it can be. only when i feel like it, it can be therapeutic! but craft lagiii therapeutic!!! ;) do you iron the boys clothes too?

k.ct: uh huh!

yaya: you're sooo right. cant they just have anti wrinkle clothes, senang kan?!

soon to be mama toughcookie: hardy used to send it to the cleaners for them to iron too (zaman before kawin). mahal gila!! i dont think we have ironing service here. dry cleaning and washing ada, but just ironing, i doubt it! kalau ada pon, i bet you mahal!!!

ibuhaziq: yea.. wouldnt it be wonderful if someone else were here... mummmmm!!! ;)

ms envy: i suppose being spoilt is not so good eh? i was spoilt too but i dont think i was spoiled rotten like you :P hehehe... hey, thanks for the invitation at facebook!

red devil: yes yes, focus only on the good things kan?! think positive! hehehe! :)

Wiz said...

Dearest Z,

Reading your post made me realize that people often forget how lucky they are no matter how little or how much they have. I am no exception to this as well. We always feel that others have it better kan. I think of you and Mush and the rest of the other bloggers in this world that way. So envious of the life that was never meant to be mine. When I was little I have always wanted to reside and settle down somewhere in Europe simply because I adore daisies, really. I recalled collecting all those bunga kemuncup, remember, the ones with small daisy like flowers tu and put them in a glass, he he he. My mum freaked out.

Now that I am married, crazily at times and happilly at most, my daisies appear in other forms. And if given the second chance to do it again, I guess I wouldn't want to do it any other way. Thanks for this post. Now I need to bury myself under a lot of clothes and make sure they are well pressed before we run out of baju to wear!!!