Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Win & Lose

Sorry for not writing for almost a week. me throat got the better of me, and i wasnt feeling dandy lately. only now i'm feeling better back to writing and crafting.

So, ok... i've counted the votes (thank you guys, for all the comments, i practically laughed my way through each and every one of them!). vote's been counted and Aidan won! he's cuter. of course he's cuter. that wasnt my best angle you see. but anyway, not that i mind loosing to him at all... :) you should see my other photos when i was Aidan's age! sama, serupa, sebiji!


I am now officially adicted to ebay. i dont know why i've only just discoverd the thrill of bidding, i am so terribly slow at all these - only recently i discovered and actually tried out photoshop (click here to see my new header). and now, ebay! where have i been!?! i find myself clicking on to ebay at least 4-5 times a day. i find myself wanting more and more things. i find myself wishing i have more to spend (so not good!). but i finally found it. i found one item that i wanted. i scouted for it, i was patient, i was lucky and i WON! yeyheyyy! i kept refreshing the page right until it says "Congrats". i then shouted "i WON!"Aidan looked at me and started to clap his hands! i straight away called Hardy and broke the news! the best thing about both my boys, whenever i'm happy, they'd react happy and thrilled as well! haha!! mama... mama...


And so the Malaysian Elections are on back home. anyone voting?


Anonymous said...

Well done mama!
Anyway, malaysiakini is going for free for a week starting today. It's good to see things from other people's different perspective. http://www.malaysiakini.com


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

thank you papa! and thank you for guiding me through it! aidan's asleep, still clutching his lion pillow. i saw the lakehouse and now watching sleepless in seattle, too much crying for today. but tomorrow's gonna be better! miss you loads! see you at home tomorrow! nighttt...



anzed said...

voting..i am not. 2 reasons; 1stly tak sempat nak register, 2ndly i have to go back to KL to vote since my add on my mykad is KL.postal vote is for army personnel n embassy staff.i have never voted in m'sian elections so far but i have voted for the london council:))one day i hope to be able to exercise my voting rights... dunno la when that will be..i so miss europe!take care u!

i am addicted to your blogs.my own blog tak pernah update asyik baca yours je.keep up the good work!

Salina said...

Dear Zaza,

You gave a me jolt of surprise when Hardy came knocking on my door. I almsot missed meeting him as my hubby was the one who opened the door and hardy was rushing to the airport. When my hubby said that 'someone name Hardy came to give this card to you' and thank god my brain was quick to put two and two together. I dashed to the door and shouted to my husband 'go and catch him and thank god he was still in the compound:.

It was a lovely surprise and thank you very much for the pretty card. It's so nice of you and him to take the trouble to send the card. Next time when you come to merry ole england do come to my place. Just a little bit dissapointed that i couldn't get anything for the cutest boy in Sittard!

My hubby too is very much addicted to e-bay. Most of our stuff at home too including a laptop come from e-bay. He would sometimes wake up in the wee hours of the morning just to bid the things that he wants. Good luck and have a great time hunting stuff via e-bay! Zaza you can even sell your crafts via ebay!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

anzed: i bet you dont miss europe during springtime! but what do you miss most apart from poffertjes? do you miss winter? ask izi for a transfer back here!!

my blogs are addictive? with wrong grammer and spellings?! heheh..

love to you 3!

salina: i told hardy to stick a first class stamp on the envelope. and he went to your house instead. i hope we werent intruding. so terribly sorry. he had a couple of hours to spare before his flight back to brussels. he told me that he just met a very nice young couple!

thank you so SO much for the books. dont trouble yourself next time k? i went to bed with it last night! please dont worry about getting aidan anything. the fact that you thought about it makes a big difference. its the thought that counts. thank you salina!

i'm gonna wake up at 2 to bid tonight! arent we crazy?!?! perhaps i should try ebay! will try and survey and learn more on how to sell. thanks ever so much for the support salina!

all our love,

Milkberry said...

Hello! I came to your blog thru comey_lote's.

LOL you're addicted to ebay? OMG you should check out Etsy then. Etsy's handmade only and I'm addicted to it! And Yahoo Japan auction is love~

And no I did not vote. I registered but I haven't register that I currently do not reside in Malaysia (I live in Japan) so yup, I did not vote. :D