Thursday, 20 December 2007

Here Comes The Tree

It is honestly, the most festive and wonderful time of the year. although we dont celebrate christmas but we can actually 'feel' the mood that everyone's in. its wonderful to see lights all lighted at most houses and shops. i was in Geleen when they put up their tree at the square. no fuss, no mess, it was done very quick and efficiently. the police escorted the trailer to the town and everybody stood there in the cold to watch 8 men putting up the big huge tree.

Almost every cities will have their christmas tree at their squares, complete with lights and decorations. we're talking about huge, big, massive trees! just look at the size of this one!

See! told you it was a big one!

Where? there, where the logs are. how? well, i was as puzzled myself! they put it in the manhole! cleaver bunch of people!

Look! a flying tree!!

Slowly... easy does it! and by this time, my ears were frozen, fingers were numb and legs were so stiff. mind you it took almost an hour and a half for the tree to reach its final destination, upright and standing tall from the begining of the road.

Tadaaa!!! the smell was simply breathtaking. the tree smells really really gorgeous, foresty nice kind of smell. the tree is now lighted and enjoyed by the residents and visitors of Geleen.



I am Ann said...

yes, that is huge!

Cat Cat said...

WOW... That's a BIG tree... VERY BIG.... HUGE!

mum said...

I wish I was there with you when they put up the Tree!!

Thats was a fantastic job eh Dek.

Wiz said...

The tree,
we so very well adore,
is free
to be enjoyed and more.
Its presence,
is shared and warmly felt,
the emotions,
of people easily melt,
upon looking,
such a beautiful tree,
so breathtaking,
a reminder for you and me,
how strong,
the power of a tree,
the throng,
is drawn to unity.

All trees,
should be loved and cared,
O please,
for the sake of this world that we share.

A feeble attempt from me Zaza.
I do so love trees, snapped many pictures of them. Will upload one day.

Theta said...

There's a huge tree last year in Delft's square but Geleen's is by far bigger!

I can imagine the cold. And you're far into the continent (compared to Delft) and must be colder!

Enjoy your wintry wonderland! :)

Akmal said...

OK, now that is what I call BIG! Looking forward the deco next. Going to be BIG too(",).