Monday, 24 December 2007

To Leon & Marianka

Having been in this country for 2 years now, we are very fortunate and blessed to have known good people who then became good friends. but there's 2 of them that we cant personally send them a card, or wish them our warmest geetings and give them a big hug because they're currently in a different continent (you're missing the good frost here guys!).

2 wonderful people, a handsome couple - LEON & MARIANKA.

Since we cant send you any cards, since you guys are busy travelling asia and enjoying each other's company and creating fond, special memories together, here's a wish for you both, a MERRY CHRISTMAS filled with lots and lots of love and warm wishes.

Enjoy your holidays and we hope to see you guys when you're back. sending you all our love, lots of hugs and kisses!!

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lapa said...

Boas Festas de Portugal.