Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Here Comes The Frost

We have been waking up to frosty mornings for almost a week. tempreature below freezing, a high of 0 celcius to -2 celcius during the day. it's been really REALLY cold. the thing about winter is, you dont feel like going out at all! home is definitely the best place to be during this time of the year. all warmed up, enjoying suchard hot cocoa, thick wooly socks, wrapping ourselves with fleeces, and eating warm meals...

This was our back garden, taken a few mins ago.

Cold means dry skin. putting the heater on keeps us warm but what it does is, it sucks all our moisture from our skin. but i'm all stocked up with creams and oils. and this is just december! winter will peak in january and i should think that is when it will probably snow.

We now have to put the car in the garage otherwise we'd have to scrap off all the frost. and the first thing i put on when i'm in the car is our butt warmers! ;) helps to have one in your car!

We now take an extra 10 mins dressing up, wrapping ourselves up with layers and layers. especially Aidan. i'll make sure i'll bundle him up, make him all puffed up! but he's doesnt seem to like his gloves! a little bit of a problem for me when bringing him out. but hopefully he'll see (and feel) why he needs to have his gloves on.

If you're in a tropical country, enjoy the sun! and if you're somewhere this part of the world, do wrap yourselves warm this winter!



Akmal said...

Kak Zaza,
Wow, -2? That's freezing! At my place right now, well, it is not sun we are enjoying, but the water (enjoy? NAH!). You know, with the monsoon at large.
You keep warm kak(",).Oh yes, Aidan looks cute in the layers.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

hi Z, this morning when Nora and I went to our weekly playdates, we had to skid on ice, me, the baby stroller with Nora in it! Everything has frozen over!!! Ni i hv to go out into the evening to class, lets hope my legs wont freezé whilst walking eh! keep warm! we send u our bear warmly hugs - Mush B & Noraatje xx
ps - i take 15 monutes to get ready to go out, berlapis2 and then when u wanna go to the loo yg paling leceh ahahahahha

Wiz said...

There's not much sun here too zaza. But it's kinda nice, cool weather all day long. Only setback is the kain doesn't smell as fresh as always. Oh yeah, I kinda tag you. Don't be mad...please.

IbuHaziq said...

hello u...aidan look so adorable all bundled up hehe.....u guys have fun over there... :)

Cat Cat said...

I think all kids don't like gloves... My two girls never liked them... But when it snows, they have no choice but to wear them... Bundle up, Za and keep warm.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Hi again Z, just dropping by to wish u Salam Aidiladha, hugs, keep warm

mimzzy said...

nak tanya pasal gloves nie kan please, since my son pun doesnt like em' I siap elastic string lagi still he uses his teeth to pull it out. how ah???

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

akmal: and today it's -4! its bitterly cold outside. monsoon is good for cleaning all the roads and good for the plants too! dont forget to wear your wellies and cover your head ;) take care akmal!

mush: oh my god you are so right. going to the loo this time is torture. let it be at home or when i'm out. kat rumah, everytime i sit on the toilet seat i'd go "waaaggh". sejuk! and no point going in the fitting room to try out pants or tops. lecehnya!!! hey, careful on the ice tau. it can be really really slippery! wrap up!!

wiz: i dont get mad, i get furious! heheh.. nah.. i havent got much time to do tags. infact, i dont do tags. but wait, i go visit you and see what it's all about...
it's nice to hear the rain fall wiz. nice to just play cullum, buble, botti cd and just move to the music!

ibuhaziq: hey! you know what? its not much fun being all puffed up. we're like walking snowmans, only that we're in colour! hehe..

cat: havent had much time to visit you and the girls lately cat. but i'm sure you guys are all geared up for christmas kan? i'm still struggling putting aidan's gloves on. maybe he'll get used to it during spring and by then it'll be too late! hehe.. keep warm guys!

mush: selamat hari raya aidil adha to you guys too!!

mimzzy: hahahhaha!! your son is so cleaver laaah!! i think i bought 3-4 pairs of gloves and all doesnt seem to work for aidan. perhaps we should invent something to fix this! what say you?!

mimzzy said...

selamat hari raya z. u know wat, his tangan sampai nampak urat2 merah n purple, meaning very cold lah kan.. but nah'ah.. no gloves.
and i like the idea of inventing 'it'.

Nice blog lah. normally i tumpang lalu jer from Ann's.

Merry xmas n happy new year. Kiss kiss Aidan.