Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Measuring Up!

Most of you guys would probably have your Baju Raya (malay traditional dress) ready by now. we're just going to use previous year's. I'm pretty sure by now people are in their Hari Raya mood. busy preparing for Eid, buying/selling cookies, making hampers (i so so miss it), painting the front gate, putting up new curtains, radio stations are playing Raya songs... at times like this, i miss Malaysia more than ever. after reading today's NST online, i can almost hear the buzz at Jalan Masjid India.

We measured Aidan up for his first Baju Melayu today. Aidan's Mak Cu (my aunt) will help find him one back home. this is going to be Aidan's 2nd Eid. we cant wait to get a parcel from back home containing Aidan's first baju melayu, and hopefully, together with my nephew Ferran's too!

These was what we wrote in an email to Mak Cu earlier today, regarding Aidan's measurements (in Malay). dont be surprised! he's a growing boy!

Lengan to lengan - 26" to 27"

tengkok ke hemline baju - 15"

seluar - 18"

pinggang - 20"

leher - 12"

songkok - 19"

kain sampin - 11"

Hope there's one that fits him!



Anonymous said...

I'm sure he'll look so cute, can't wait to see photos!


Cat Cat said...

Wah Zaza, Aidan sure look cute in baju melayu... Tak sabar Cath nak tengok gambar... ;)

Anonymous said...

hope to see aidanboy with his baju melayu too this year..must be soo comel! He's just like my youngest -TEMBAM...hehehehe


Frankensteina said...

Awwwww look at him...they grow so fast babies yes?

The next thing you know you'll be measuring his baju sekolah heheh

zuraida said...

hehehe zaza.. mesti cute.

K.zue ingat hamizan punya kepala dah habis besar sebab dia pakai size 19 3/4!!!! rupanya ada gak yang ikut :)

At first when i went to the shop & saw songkok size 18", k.zue siap kata kat dia - cian anak mak tahun ni tak dapat pakai songkok lagi. semua songkok besar2. Rupa2nya, kepala anak ku lagi besar!! :) tak palah, janji jangan besar kepala ;)

He is now 13kg! can u image? mesti aidan pun lebih kurang hamizan. dah tak larat nak dukung - tp still kena dukung. jalan dah start ok & always ask me for the shoes ("mak - shooo")- sibuk nak jalan kat luar.

kejap je dia dah 1 year & 5 months. Beli baju pun kena beli for 2 years & above. kalau tak maknanya tak muat!

Anonymous said...

Gerenti comel aidan with his samping n baju melayu plus songkok! Take loads of picture ehh. Sure kocek penuh pound sterling ekk? Only left 9 days til' Raya so i'd like to wish you & family a blessed hari raya!! I wish i have your address, bleh ler kirim kad raya ke, vcd lagu raya ke. Email lah, za. - yaya

Theta said...

How cute! What colour is the baju melayu? I guess it'll go with his parents' color scheme.... ;)

Your parents going to spend Raya with you guys. How lucky!

k.ct said...

confirm mamat aidan tu nampak stylo dgn baju melayu this coming raya..
tu arr..tak tahu your home add..kalau tak..bleh gak antar my kueh raya home made punyer..hehe

zara's mama said...

Wah.. now nice..

Good thing you still have relatives back home, who can help you with this.. Or you'll have to hand make him one.. :P