Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Dutch at world level....

The Dutch reputation for being happy with a C+ is undeserved, according to HP/de Tijd. The magazine carries a list of 50 Dutch facts which, it says, are worthy of an A- at least. A selection:

- Groningen firm Avebe is the world’s biggest producer of potato starch.

- De Boer International in Alkmaar is the world’s biggest tent hire company.

- Almelo’s Ten Cate is the world’s biggest producer of artificial grass for sport fields.

- The Netherlands is the world’s biggest importer and exporter of flowers and plants.

- The VanDrie group in Apeldoorn is world market leader for veal, processing 1.4m calves a year.

- Stork is world market leader in producing conveyor systems to slaughter chickens.

- The Netherlands has the world’s biggest inland shipping fleet (8,600 vessels).

- And the Dutch academic dictionary Het Woorden-boek der Nederlandsche Taal is the world’s biggest dictionary, with around 400,000 words.

On the last point, as they probably have more vocabs for argument and discussion purposes, no wonder I'm struggling a bit with the language.....


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zara's mama said...

Oh boy..
I have a Spanish friend who went to Netherland to study, and she manage to speak fluent Dutch after the few years she was there!

She must be really good with language.

Good luck to you picking up the language.