Saturday, 29 September 2007

Thank You Ann

Our neighbour rang our door bell and handed us a parcel from Switzerland! it came when we were in the UK.

It was from Ann, my first blogger friend. we've been reading each other's blogs for quite sometime now, and we managed to meet up during our last trip to Zurich last June. it was a pleasant meeting together with Aidan and Alesha.

Ann was very kind to send Aidan a birthday gift. gifts actually! it was very kind of you Ann. thank you very much! we hope you'll have a good raya back home (we envy you!) and hope to see you guys again soon! have a safe trip, have fun and enjoy yourselves, which i'm sure you guys will.. 8 weeks!!!!!

(Pictures of Alesha and Aidan during our 1st meeting in Zurich)

You can read about Ann here and here.


Lapa said...
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I am Ann said...

you're welcome! selamat hari raya.. maaf zahir batin.

Lollies said...

the stamps are cute. eh if you are into stamps, knowing bloggers from around the world and sending cards will be good

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ann: selamat hari raya to you guys too. have fun!

lollies: i am not a fan of stamps actually. are you? i'm keeping them tho to make a scrapbook of aidan's first year of travelling! ;)