Thursday, 4 October 2007

Happy 3 months!

My nephew Ferran is 3 months today!
He is really a happy baby..
Laughing and smiling away!

He poos and he pees

And he clearly sees

He is one smart pea

Our chubby bumble bee!

50% mummy, 50% daddy,

Your eyes are very chinese-y, And cheeks are so rosey!

We love you,
We miss you,
Cant wait to see you!

Well done mummy,
Well done daddy,
We are all very happy,
Love you 3 dearly
From Aidan, Zaza and Hardy!


Wiz said...

He sure is one smily little boy! Adorable.

Lil'rampage said...

how adorable.

Singaporean comrade in Holland? :) raya in a week!

Lollies said...

that is such a cute poem. somehow as i read it I felt happy and gay. sungguh sesuai to be dedicated to such a cutesy bubbly baby

Anonymous said...

Cutenya Baby Ferran. Zaza, didnt know you could do poetry too, nice!

Anonymous said...


cute n very cheerful baby Ferran.... regards to his mom n dad... wishing you 'selamat hari raya'

Love, Camy

k.ct said...

Seronok tengok gambar2 baby.
za...he's cute.ferran nampak 50-50 fifi reza tp si aidan tu...photostate zaza habisss ek!hehehe...

Frankensteina said...

He is soooooooooooooo comel! Rasa nak gigit pipi dia yang bulat tu :D

zara's mama said...

Hey.. got so many nice toys and nice baju, I'll also be a happy baby.. :P

*cubit his cheeks*

Adam said...

Ferran is one cute boy and you are right, he does look chinese-y. ;-)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

thank you guys!! both his mummy and daddy said thanks as well!